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KMS: Style Matters

Start - Style - Finish

The stunning new KMS range has been divided into three sections – Start, Style and Finish. Recommending products is simple and easy, and formulations are backed by TRIfinity Technology, offering reliability, longevity and high performance.

The KMS Style Range

This step is all about creativity, playfulness, and powerful product performance... with all products intermixable, you can create any look you want. Technology is your friend in these incredible, effective formulations!

You’ll love the Hairplay products – sprays, waxes, gels, crèmes, pastes – pick and play!

The Thermashape range gives you fantastic results with flyaway control and heat protection.

Tamefrizz Smoothing Lotion is the answer for clients wanting smooth, silky, controlled results.

Addvolume... innovative products that give incredible volume and long lasting results

CurlUp products will transform your curly clients’ lives (and make them love their hair).

Look out for next week’s news release on the amazing KMS Finish range!

Contact KMS on 011 312 5070 or go to their Facebook page here:

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