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Split-Ender Pro: The Business Booster from Twincare

Every salon is looking for additional, value-added services.

Every client is looking for ways to get rid of split ends without actually trimming length away.

Split-Ender Pro is the magic machine we’ve all been waiting for!

This technologically advanced machine is simple and effective to use, allowing you to perform a new in-salon service that ticks all the boxes.

- It visibly improves the condition of the hair, making it look gloriously smooth and shiny

- The client retains her length rather than having it trimmed away

- The service is fast and simple to perform

- Visual impact! The client can actually see for herself the minimal amount of split ends that have been removed

Split-Ender Pro offers salons the most fantastic value-added service for clients and long haired clients will quickly become addicted to having smoothness, condition and shine without losing any of their hard-earned length.

Contact Twincare for more info on 011 305 1600 or email info@twincare.co.za.

Watch the Split-Ender Pro in action below!

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