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KMS: Style Matters

Start - Style - Finish

It’s all about creating a perfect end result - and now KMS have turned their technology genius to ensuring this every step of the way!

The stunning new KMS range has been divided into three sections – Start, Style and Finish. Recommending products is simple and easy, and formulations are backed by TRIfinity Technology, offering reliability, longevity and high performance.

The KMS Start Range

This is where it all begins, caring for hair and priming for style. Products are enriched with the AHA Structure Complex which improves the inside and outside of the hair.

The powerful Moistrepair products provide instant moisture, repair and combability.

Tamefrizz is the perfect line for curly haired clients to rediscover joy, ease, lustre and manageability.

Colorvitality helps coloured hair retain a powerful, bright, shiny and long-lasting result for up to 3 times longer.

Headremedy provides a deep yet gentle cleanse ideal for hair and scalp health – and there’s an anti-dandruff option.

Addvolume gives up to 40% more volume, with weightless condition and fullness.

Thermashape Quick Blowdry speeds up drying time by 50%, offering light conditioning.

Look out for next week’s news release on the amazing KMS Style range!

Contact KMS on 011 312 5070 or go to their Facebook page HERE:

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