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Yvonne Bryson: The Importance of Photo Shoot Work

Everyone knows that photographic work is important and beneficial – but why is this so, and what are the real benefits? Yvonne Bryson, artistic director of Pasquale Intercoiffure in Kempton Park, explains:

It is the most amazing feeling of accomplishment when you've done a collection on a model before it has even hit the streets. There are so many benefits from doing it this way. And even if your look is over the top for salon work, once you've actually learnt how to do it, you tone it down and commercialise it to suit your clients needs. The techniques you learn to do always come in handy. You always discover easier ways of working than what you've been doing for so long and it makes your job interesting and so exciting.

Clients love it when you use new techniques on them, be it colour or cut or styling. And when clients ask for something by name, you'd better know what it is. Social media is at everyone's fingertips and clients sometimes know more than you. They've become more visual than ever before, so if they show you a look, it's awesome when you know how to achieve it instead of talking her out of it because you're too embarrassed to say you don't know how.

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