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Colour Pricing Advice

Famous, edgy and successful Not Another Salon in London recently sent this message out to their clients regarding colour pricing. What do you think? Do you agree with this philosophy and could it help to educate your clients better on their hair colour maintenance appointments?

"Did you know we are £20.00 cheaper if you come to get your roots done in 6 weeks time. Why? Because we just want you back? Nope. Because the prime time for us to create the least damage is 6 weeks. Once you go over this time we can no longer apply your colour in the same way."

"We first have to apply a 'mid band' and then come back into your root.

1. This is such a faffy pain and takes soooo much more time (therefore we have to charge more) and 2. no matter how we try it will always cause more damage - oh and it gets worse- that's how you struggle with yellow bands. :( Sadly people think it's a good idea to 'give the hair a rest' for a bit if it's feeling a little delicate but oh my lord this is the worst thing you can do. Because hair grows at different times, the chances of breakage literally goes up week by week. :( With us now being booked up months in advance we recommend you booking a few appointments in one go so you don't end up in a pickle. Ps. We love you."

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