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Clipper Cutting - The Expert's Checklist

Are you getting the most out of your clippers, and your cuts? Here’s a checklist to follow.

1.Maintain, Maintain... No, we don’t just mean look after your gents’ healthy hair. We’re talking about the clippers themselves. Clippers that are kept squeaky clean, well oiled, and properly cared for will purr away for countless hours doing the most fabulous job on your clients.

2.Proper Choices. Make sure you are using the correct and most appropriate clipper for the job. Clipper cutting is a combination of science and artistry, and the science part includes selecting the right tool – then artistry will be enabled.

3.Confidence and Speed. Being a master clipper cutter means performing your work with pizzazz. You can only become a showman in the salon after many hard hours of practice, ensuring that it all looks so incredibly easy to the observer – until, of course, the client tries it at home...

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