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Life Hacks for Hairdressers

Journalist Krista Bannett Demaio from www.bhg.com recently rounded up some leading international hairstylists and asked them for the life hacks they use every day to make their salon job easier. The answers she received are eye opening!

Sweet n’ Low

Stephanie Brown, a colourist at Nunzio Salon in New York City, told Krista she adds a few packets of Sweet n’ Low artificial sweetener to the colour mix, when using ammonia-based colour on a client with a sensitive scalp. The pH levels of the Sweet n’ Low help reduce the discomfort of the ammonia.

“Can” You Smooth Flyaways?

Matt Fugate, Kérastase Paris Consulting Hairstylist, uses the actual can of hairspray to smooth flyaways. He holds it like a round brush, places it against the hair and runs it down from root to tip.

Want a Coffee Brown?

Celebrity hairstylist Ricardo Rojas doesn’t just drink his espresso. When he wants to achieve a deep chocolate hue adds a shot of it to his hair colour mix.

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