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Salon Nightmares: Tears in the Chair

Your client looks at her brand new hairstyle... and she bursts into tears! It’s a stylist’s worst nightmare, but how do you handle the situation? We asked Maritza van Jaarsveld, a successful Pretoria salon owner who relocated to Cape Town due to family commitments, and is now working for Mop Hair.

Short term solution. Remember her tears are not criticism of you, but only feedback of what is in her heart. Turn her chair so that you can look her in the eyes, sit with her if you can. Listen to the client, share with her that you can understand where she is coming from. Apologise for her hurt or disappointment. Calm her down with your calm tone of voice and soft eyes. If possible change the music to something relaxing. Bring her a glass of water and a tissue. Offer to change what you can, to improve her hairdo, do so patiently and caringly. If the hairdo did not work out because of a mistake you made, or if you did not set her up for success, offer the service free of charge. If the hairdo did not work out because she changed her mind or thought the face will come with the hair, offer her a free treatment and blow-dry on her next appointment. Remember, we are building relationships, not dockets. Give her a courtesy call the next day. We need to create experiences for our guests which ooze connection and caring.

Never want to see your client burst into tears again? Empowering our guests to reflect and project confidence takes a comprehensive approach, involving all the aspects of their image, from inner to outward appearance. Giving sound advice on their image, how to accentuate some features and camouflage others, helps clients lead a happier, more successful life. Advice can include make-up, wardrobe, and especially product tips.

Keep up to date in order to deliver current and relevant advice on fashion and lifestyle based on the client’s individual needs and attributes, to remedy any challenges and create the best “them”. Our purpose - dressing hair while spreading love and changing the world one guest at a time.

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