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10 NEW Kadus Professional Shades Coming Soon

4 NEW Perfect Nudes shades, the ‘no-colour’ hair colour

What is the Nude Look?

Barely there, subtly sophisticated, effortlessly flawless, and naturally beautiful defines the Nude Look, an ultimate beauty goal for many women. The secret to Nude Look hair is finding the right shades to blend and soften into your client’s natural hair. Perfect Nudes hair colour is ‘no-colour’ hair colour. It subtly enhances and mimics the natural hair colour playing on undertones to create authentic-looking, all-over beautiful colour.

Four NEW Kadus Professionals Perfect Nudes shades are specially designed to neutralise undesirable undertones and to ensure more neutral brown to beige tones on different base hair colours. The shades suit warm or cool skin tones and deliver beautiful finishes, from the darkest brunette to the lightest blonde. Available in Permanent shades.

7/18 Roasted Almond

Ideal for natural hair levels 4/, 5/ and 6/ to create natural looking dark beige colour.

7/61 Soft Taupe

Ideal for natural hair levels 4/, 5/ and 6/ to create natural looking dark beige colour.

8/97 Morning Cappuccino

Ideal for natural hair levels 6/, 7/ and 8/ to create natural looking beige colour.

9/13 Sandy Beige

Ideal for natural hair levels 6/, 7/ and 8/ to create natural looking beige colour.

6 NEW Prismatic shades: get multi-reflective results using only ONE shade

The trendy Kadus Professional Prismatic shades collection will help you achieve a palette of multi-dimensional colour results using just one shade. Prismatic shades combine four types of reflections and can be achieved by mixing into your current colour portfolio. Depending on the light, the finish can be prismatic, iridescent, or metallic.

Light reflection on the hair magnifies the shine

Prismatic reflection emphasizes the multi-dimensional effect

Iridescent reflection makes the colours more precious

Metallic reflection reveals the nicety of the hair

When to use Prismatic shades

Ideal for natural hair levels 5/, 6/ and 7/ to create a natural dark blonde colour result with a Prismatic violet hue.

3 NEW Prismatic permanent shades

6/06 Prismatic Violet Hue

7/16 Powdery Violet Hue

8/65 Cool Rose Hue

Designed to achieve multi-dimensional colour results for dark blonde to light blonde hair by adding a Prismatic or powdery violet or cool rose hue. Up to 100% grey coverage.

3 NEW Prismatic demi-permanent shades (ammonia-free)

9/19 Prismatic Beige Grey

9/86 Prismatic Steel Grey

9/96 Prismatic Powdery Rose

For all light blonde and pre-lightened colour services. From toning blonde hair to refreshing highlights into beige, steel and powdery rose grey colour directions, to colour correction on any type of pre-lightened hair.

To stock KADUS PROFESSIONAL in your salon, place an order with your Modern Hair & Beauty sales representative or call our Telesales on 0806 104 109.

About Kadus Professional

For over 80 years, Kadus Professional has developed affordable colour, care and styling products that steadily deliver excellent results. Kadus was founded to specifically provide small salons and independent hairstylists with a comprehensive range of world-class hair products to assist them in affordably expressing their creativity. Continuous education keeps Kadus stylists up to date with the latest colour and cutting techniques and trends to afford you a tailored service that suits your hair care needs. Kadus products and services will exceed your expectations at a comfortable price.



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