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  • Hairnews Online Hair & Beauty Brands Directory: A Search Tool You Need

    Need a supplier, stockist or rep details for your favourite brands? Need to find out who supplies that fabulous new range your clients are asking for? We at Hairnews understand the importance of finding the information you need FAST. We get so many requests and questions for suppliers, brands and products every day directed to our IG and FB Pages, on the FB Group, and to our general Hairnews email, that we have pushed forward with the SA Industry Online Directory for Brands with its own dedicated button on our website for easy searching for just what your salon needs - all at your fingertips on your laptop, tablet or mobile. Check it out HERE : Suppliers : As a supplier, how can you miss this opportunity to place your brand listing on the primary informational site for the SA hair and beauty industry? Your Hairnews website listings will include your brands, company head office location, contact details and brand manager/area rep details if you would like to include them! We will be promoting the Directory every month in Hairnews and on our social media throughout the year to keep your listing top of mind and easily accessible to your target market, stylists, salons, barbershops, spas and beauticians in SA. We are constantly adding to the Directory as we go so if you would like your brands included, contact us for the annual Directory rate and the easy to complete template. Belinda at Brad at

  • Style Inspiration: YOU by Anna Barroca

    The 'You' collection brings a message from one woman to another, a direct conversation: Aren't you tired of always wondering 'what's in', 'what's on trend'? ‘You’ is an anthem to authenticity, a passionate reminder that you don't need to fit into any mould, or strictly follow trends. It's time to ask yourself: How do you want to see yourself, what do you want to convey to the world?   This collection invites you to connect with yourself, to express your true essence through your hair. It empowers you to choose, to be the director of your own image: the cut, the colour and the hairstyle become a genuine expression of who you are.   Fashion is fleeting, but your identity is eternal. NAIROBI A mid-length hair full of contrasts, aiming for maximum boldness. With strong disconnections at the top, where textures are sharp and free. The hair then falls like a gentle cascade, drawing almost ethereal waves. Brushstrokes of red, orange, yellow, and green intertwine masterfully to create unexpected volumes in the hair. SIDNEY A geometric bob that, thanks to the neatness of its lines, elegantly enhances the physiognomy of the head and face. The upper area, with a side part and a more fluid finish, contrasts with this cut that reinforces its personality by incorporating violet and mahogany tones, with a glossy finish that enhances the overall look. TOKIO An explosive short cut. The hair moves and expands with a life of its own, forward, creating a captivating and dynamic frame for the face. The bangs, sculpted in a daring inverted triangle, become the epicenter where the two main shades of the look converge: a vibrant orange and a passionate magenta, a fiery fusion that immediately captures attention. DUBÁI Even in the simplicity of lines, there is room for customization. The elevated volumes at the top of the cut and the definition of the finishes bring a sublime elegance, while the micro bangs, swept to the side and naturally open, add just the right touch of boldness and playfulness. The chocolate brown base is ignited and lifted with hints of mahogany and red. Hair: Anna Barroca @annabarroca Photography:  David Arnal @davidarnalteam MUA:  Anna Barroca @annabarroca   Styling:  Anna Barroca @annabarroca

  • milk_shake ® Light Catcher Spotlight: Blonde is Timeless

    The time for blonde hair at all costs is over: Customers are no longer willing to compromise the health of their hair, but still want amazing blond hair and are looking for vibrant tones full of light and movement. milk_shake® light catcher spotlight is an innovative and complete system with highly balanced formulas that allows you to create perfect blonde hair without sacrificing its condition and health.  An extraordinary range designed to create intense and radiant Blondes, from the most natural to the most extreme and creative.   Milk_shake® RE–NATURAL: your natural colour reborn   RE–NATURAL  is the colour philosophy that guarantees:  vibrant and shiny hair  spontaneous and natural beauty  time-saving in the salon    How we do it: High quality products with natural ingredients that give hair nourishment.  Innovative techniques that guarantee customised and natural-looking results.  Tools that have been created to make application quick and easy. milk_shake® light catcher spotlight Give your clients the truly bespoke experience Powder and cream lightening system to lighten hair up to 9 levels. The specifications of each product make each lightening service customisable based on the client’s hair type and target result. light catcher spotlight: lift & balance 3 shades ideal for natural bases 6 or lighter: How to Achieve Spectacular Blondes for Your Clients with milk_shake® light catcher spotlight   STEP BY STEP – LEVEL 8 FADE lightening mix milk_shake® light catcher spotlight level 8 milk_shake® oxidizing emulsion 20 vol. (6%)   toning milk_shake® the gloss 10.77/10VV milk_shake® acidic colour activator 6 vol. (1.8%)   STEP BY STEP - LEVEL 9 MICRO-BALAYAGE lightening mix light catcher spotlight level 9 milk_shake® oxidizing emulsion 20 vol. (6%)   toning base milk_shake® the gloss 8.37/8GV milk_shake®  acidic colour activator 6 vol. (1.8%)   lengths milk_shake® the gloss 10.37/810GV milk_shake®  acidic colour activator 6 vol. (1.8%) milk_shake® is a range of professional hair care products that believes in simple, joyful, spontaneous beauty.  Our secret? Ingredients of natural origin like milk proteins and fruit extracts that take care of every hair type.    milk_shake® light catcher spotlight  products are formulated with high quality ingredients, giving  incredible touches of light to the hair.   Milk Proteins & Avocado Oil: the perfect combination to plump up the hair & protect it:   Milk proteins  - Detangling and conditioning, milk proteins help to avoid the stiffness caused by lightening products, improving the hair’s appearance and structure.   Avocado oil  - Avocado oil and its vitamins are a natural restructuring ingredient for the hair, a real beauty elixir that makes the hair shiny and strong. Give your clients the blondes they truly desire with milk_shake® light catcher spotlight Speak to your  milk_shake®  rep and add this service to your repertoire for the most intense, radiant and natural blondes that respect and protect hair the way it needs.   Contact milk_shake® on: Email :  or   | Facebook   | Twitter   | Instagram

  • Embark on a Hairstyling Odyssey with London Wellness Academy!

    At London Wellness Academy, we don't deal with the ordinary - starting your journey with us will take you to places you have only dreamed and help you to accelerate your career beyond the ordinary!   The  top-notch hairdressing and business skills  you'll acquire during your training, are unparalleled, setting you leagues apart in your professional field. Even once you are onboard you will be continually upskilled with new developments, services, products, information and skills to help enhance you and your career. London Wellness Academy is your port of call to a career in the Hairdressing industry that will see you; Travel the World on the biggest and best cruise lines. Earn great money. Learn the skills and techniques you need to be successful at sea and back onto land. Gain experiences second to none, working with a global team. Develop professionally, pushing yourself to be the best, in the best environment. Personal growth. C onnecting with incredible individuals, with the potential to leave an indelible mark on your life's story. Witness the blend of personal enrichment and professional expertise that makes working onboard truly unique. Your career with London Wellness Academy isn't just a job,  every moment is an opportunity to experience something new, exciting and life changing.  We're looking for individuals who are passionate, driven, and ready to transform the world one haircut at a time. start your adventure and see where your journey can take you!   Sign up  HERE  or email Nadine  or Daniella   Find out more by heading to   Follow us on social media Facebook   |  Instagram

  • EOHCB: The Importance of Workplace Approval for Host Employers with Learners Enrolled for Occupational Qualifications and Trades

    In the landscape of vocational training and education, the integration of practical workplace experience holds immense value. As learners embark on their journey to acquire occupational qualifications, the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings is indispensable. Host employers play a pivotal role in facilitating this exposure, but why is workplace approval necessary for them to provide learners with such opportunities as part of an Occupational Qualification? Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice One of the fundamental objectives of vocational training is to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application. While classroom instruction provides a solid foundation of knowledge, it is the hands-on experience gained in real work environments that truly hones skills and fosters competence. Workplace exposure allows learners to put theory into practice, grapple with real-life challenges, and develop the confidence and proficiency required to excel in their chosen fields. Ensuring Quality Learning Environments Not all workplaces are created equal in terms of their suitability for training purposes. Some may lack the necessary resources, infrastructure, or commitment to mentorship required to provide a conducive learning environment. This is where the concept of workplace approval comes into play. By requiring host employers to undergo an approval process, regulatory bodies such as the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) and Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) ensure that learners are placed in environments that meet predefined standards of quality and safety. This helps safeguard the interests of learners, ensuring they receive a meaningful and enriching learning experience. Compliance with Occupational Qualifications Occupational qualifications serve as blueprints for the skills and competencies required within specific industries and professions. These qualifications outline the knowledge, practical skills, and behaviours that learners must demonstrate to achieve certification. Workplace exposure is often a mandatory component of these qualifications, as it enables learners to fulfil practical requirements and gain firsthand experience in their chosen field. Host employers seeking approval to provide workplace exposure must demonstrate alignment with the competencies outlined in the relevant occupational qualification, ensuring that learners receive training that is both relevant and compliant. Fostering Partnerships and Collaboration The process of workplace approval fosters partnerships and collaboration between educational institutions (Public and Private Skills Development Providers – SDPs), regulatory bodies, and industry stakeholders. Host employers, by seeking approval to participate in learner placement programs, signal their commitment to supporting the development of future talent within their respective sectors. This collaboration not only benefits learners by providing them with valuable learning opportunities but also strengthens the ties between education and industry, ensuring that vocational training remains responsive to the evolving needs of the labour market. Enhancing Employability and Career Readiness Ultimately, the goal of vocational training is to enhance learners' employability and prepare them for successful careers in their chosen fields. Workplace exposure plays a crucial role in achieving this objective by equipping learners with the practical skills, industry knowledge, and professional demeanour sought after by employers. Through the approval process, host employers commit to providing learners with meaningful experiences that contribute to their overall career readiness, thereby increasing their prospects of securing gainful employment upon completion of their qualifications. Workplace Approval for Employers within the Personal Care Sector A critical component of occupational qualifications is access to a relevant and approved workplace. For this reason, all SDPs wishing to apply for accreditation need to have strong partnerships with employers who will provide their learners with access to workplace experience. For this reason, SDPs are encouraged to work with and, where appropriate, assist employers with their application for registration and as approved workplaces for occupational qualifications. This will provide a win-win situation, as SDPs in our sector are more experienced in and understand the Services SETA process. Entities wishing to be included in the database of approved workplaces should send an e-mail to: . Employers who wish to apply for workplace approval, please apply at . An automated respond will prompt you to send certain documents that will be evaluated by the evaluator before scheduling a site visit. Registered Occupational Qualifications (Full, Part, and Skills Programmes) within the Personal Care Sector Quality Partner – Services SETA Beauty: National Occupational Certificate: Beauty Therapist, NQF 4, 158 Credits (ID:121607). The Beauty Therapist qualification comes with 9 registered part-qualifications. These are: Occupational Certificate: Beauty Practitioner, NQF Level 4, 112 Credits. Occupational Certificate: Body Therapist, NQF Level 4, 78 Credits. Occupational Certificate: Manual Skincare Therapist, NQF Level 4, 60 Credits. Occupational Certificate: Eye Grooming Therapist, NQF Level 4, 38 Credits. Occupational Certificate: Makeup Consultant, NQF Level 4, 47 Credits. Occupational Certificate: Nail Therapist, NQF Level 4, 47 Credits. Occupational Certificate: Temporary Hair Removal Therapist, NQF Level 4, 48 Credits. Occupational Certificate: Body Care Therapist, NQF Level 4, 50 Credits. Occupational Certificate: Body Massage Therapist, NQF Level 4, 55 Credits Quality Partner – National Artisan Moderation Body (NAMB) Hairdressing: National Occupational Qualification: Hairdresser, NQF 4, 540 Credits (ID: 102497) The Hairdresser qualification has 6 Skills Programmes. These are: Skills Programme: Barber, NQF Level 3, 36 Credits. Skills Programme: Chemical Hair Reformation Attendant, NQF Level 4, 51 Credits.  Skills Programme: Hair and Scalp Treatment Attendant, NQF Level 2, 23 Credits, Skills Programme: Hair Colouring Attendant, NQF Level 4, 51 Credits. Skills Programme: Hair Cutting Attendant, NQF Level 4, 60 Credits. Skills Programme: Hairstylist, NQF Level 3, 56 Credits. Definitions Occupational Qualification A qualification associated with a trade, occupation or profession developed and quality assured under the auspices of the QCTO and consisting of knowledge/theory and application (practical skills/work experience/simulated work experience) components and an external integrated summative assessment. Part-Qualification An assessed unit of learning with a defined outcome that is or will be, is registered as part of a qualification on the NQF. Skills Programme Chapter 5 of the Skills Development Act, Act 97 of 1998 defines a skills programme as “a skills programme that is occupationally based and when completed will constitute/contribute a credit towards a qualification registered on the NQF. Workplace based learning The learning achieved through exposure and interactions gained while in the workplace that a learner has to complete towards a qualification or part –qualification registered on the Occupational Qualification Sub-framework, including skills programmes. For any further information or enquiries please contact the EOHCB representative in your area by clicking HERE . EOHCB Contact Details Web: | YouTube: Facebook : | Twitter: Instagram:

  • Local Inspiration from Raeesa at Raeesa International Hair

    Take a quick look behind the scenes to see this dynamic cowboy copper, done by Raeesa. Click the image below to view the Instagram post. Stylist: Raeesa Products: Schwarzkopf Professional Salon: Raeesa International Hair Follow Raeesa on Instagram @raeesainternationalhair We'd love to feature your work! To get your styles, looks or colour formulas featured in Hairnews, send them either to or DM them directly to our Hairnews Instagram page.

  • JOICO Introduces: Defy Damage with New KBOND 20 & IN A FLASH: The 7-Second Bond Builder

    The JOICO new  Defy Damage  collection protects all hair types from the ravaging effects of daily  heat styling, UV exposure and environmental exposure preventing frizz, breakage that lead to dry, dull, lackluster locks. This damage-defying breakthrough helps protect and strengthen hair bonds for a healthy-hair transformation you can instantly see and feel.   With a legacy of performance dating back to 1975, JOICO  continues to redefine healthy hair care with cutting-edge solutions, with the launch of the acclaimed Defy Damage KBOND20  and Defy Damage IN A FLASH  joining the award-winning portfolio, catering to salon professionals and their discerning consumers alike. NEW JOICO® Defy Damage KBOND20: Healthy Hair – Super Charged   What do you get when you combine a legacy of JOICO  supercharged hair repair and the power of damage control in a single, extraordinary product?   Meet KBOND20, the super-charged masque from Defy Damage     A brand-new, bond-building treatment that doubles down on technology for 5X stronger* hair. *Against combing breakage on damaged hair during heat styling.   Known for its legacy of performance in haircare with unmatched products and history-making science, JOICO  has been dedicated to healthy hair since 1975. The ‘joi-ful’ brand has never rested on its laurels, but is bringing its heritage of healthy hair and innovations into the future. A few years ago, JOICO  set a new bar with SmartRelease® Technology , the brand’s one-of-a-kind skincare inspired liposome delivery system that continuously releases healthy-hair ingredients - repairing, strengthening and protecting hair from the cumulative effects of daily styling.   Enter KBOND20.   Part of the award-winning Defy Damage  line-up, KBOND20  is the most powerful masque/treatment of JOICO  yet, and with a history of performance-driven innovations in the space, this is no foolhardy statement.   True to its brand DNA, starting from K-PAK’s  historic 18-time Stylist Choice Award-winning K -PAK Reconstructor  (original formula) JOICO continues the legacy of performance with new technology in its latest winning Defy Damage  range. KBOND20  promises to deliver remarkable transformative results in a single  treatment, including: 5X-stronger* hair in one use Rebuilds, strengthens and protects** bonds Rich hydration Instantly detangles Normalizes pH Color safe Animal test free   *Against combing breakage on damaged hair during heat styling. **Protects hair from mechanical, thermal and environmental damage   At JOICO, Wendy van der Helm, Education Manager JOICO EMEA comments “I am truly in love with the incredible shine the product gives. It detangles hair easily without waying down even the finest hair – and no doubt, it works very effectively as a bond builder.” And Introducing IN A FLASH: The 7-Second Bond Builder by JOICO® Defy Damage JOICO unveils its latest breakthrough: Defy Damage IN A FLASH , a transformative rinse-out treatment designed to build bonds and fortify hair structure in just 7 seconds. Harnessing the power of Defy Damage  technology, this liquid-to-crème formula delivers an instant transformation, making hair stronger* and more resilient against breakage.* IN A FLASH  is the ultimate solution for time-pressed individuals seeking maximum results in minimal time . In just 7 seconds , this rapid treatment offers a myriad of benefits:   Hair is up to 20x more resistant to breakage* Creates bonds and strengthens the hair structure Leaves hair silky smooth without weighing down Safe for color-treated hair Silicone-free PETA-certified, Animal-Free Testing   *Against combing breakage on damaged hair during heat styling. With Enhanced Bonding Technology  and Liquid Keratin , this damage-defying treatment starts building bonds from the first shampoo application, providing unparalleled protection against hair breakage.   Els Philips, Technical Education Manager at JOICO EMEA , expresses her enthusiasm for IN A FLASH : “I was one of the first who had the privilege to try this amazing treatment. I have naturally curly and dry hair, which is a challenge for many hair products. When I saw the result of IN A FLASH, I was really blown away: I had wonderful curly definition, no frizz, incredibly silky and shiny hair without it feeling heavy. And the best: The effect lasted, many of my colleagues and friends asked me what I had used on my hair even days after its application. The change was so visible”. To order yours today, contact JOICO on: Email: Web: Facebook:     Instagram:

  • Beauticians & Stylists: Rent a Chair & Be Your Own Boss – The Industry, Centurion

    Are you looking to work your own hours, be your own boss and be flexible?    Come work with us @ The Industry Hair & Beauty, Clubview, Centurion. We are wanting to expand our current amazing team of 8 stylists and 4 beauty therapists. We are looking for a rent-a-chair stylist and 1 or 2 Nail Technicians. The other treatment room will be great for a Tattoo artist, Chiropractor, Physio, Makeup artist.   It’s the perfect high end, stylish and affordable opportunity. We are fully operational with a generator for you and your clients’ convenience during loadshedding.   We want to offer you an amazing opportunity to work with our team in this unique space and still be your own boss without the setup cost. The Industry Hair & Beauty  56 Lyttleton Road, Clubview, Centurion   For more info:  Chrisma Appelcryn:  082 432 4776 Email:

  • Chic and Edgy: Short Hair Styling Ideas for Modern Women

    Kochi are back with a brand new video for you all. This time, they're bringing you a short, clean and powerful look for the modern woman.

  • Local Inspiration by Bianca Scheun from Nudo Hair Lab

    Another incredible transformation done by Bianca Scheun from Nudo Hair Lab. Click the image below to see the Instagram post. Stylist: Bianca Scheun Salon: Nudo Hair Lab Products: Schwarzkopf, ghd Follow Bianca on Instagram @bianca_nudo_hair_lab TikTok @bianca_nudo_hair_lab We'd love to feature your work! To get your styles, looks or colour formulas featured in Hairnews, send them either to or DM them directly to our Hairnews Instagram page.

  • My Salon Software Winter Warmer - Less 25% on All Versions

    There has never been a better time to upgrade your salon software to "The One" that has it all. • Cloud based software - 100% secure • Powerful CRM • Client loyalty programme • Online booking platform • Amazing stock control Purchase options to suit the size of your business • Entrepreneur - One man show • Entrepreneur Plus - Small salons • Standard - Multiple users, unlimited logins, limited reports • MySalon Pro - "The One" • Less 25% on all versions • Free data porting from other software programs • Payment plan to suit your cash-flow situation Check it out today! Email: Terry Miles - 083 650 0952 - Sune Bothma - 083 484 2960 - Web:

  • Twincare Welcomes the Evo Brand to the Twincare Family

    Twincare is very excited to announce that as of the 7th July 2023, we will be taking over the distribution of evo into the South African market. We would like to thank the One Beauty Brands team and Alwyn for the fantastic job they have done in building this magnificent brand. Twincare would like to welcome the evo clients into the Twincare family. We will be communicating some of our exciting plans for the brand in the days ahead. As from the 7th July 2023 all orders can be placed through Twincare International on 011 305 1600, or on email at evo saving ordinary humans from themselves™ Stav Dimitriadis | CEO Twincare

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