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Why Choose B.M Professional? Part 2 - Read and Get Ready for our Competition in Our Next Release

We’re giving salons and stylists the chance to win with BM Professional.

Read both articles carefully to answer the questions in our competition post, where 5 lucky salons will win R 10 000 in product.

In our previous article we described what makes B.M Professional unique.

We will now show why you need B.M Professional in your salon. The payoff – healthy, smooth, rich and luxuriant hair results for your clients, in not much more time per service!

Improve Customer Satisfaction

B.M Professionals’ Hair Botox treatment has been developed in such a way that no matter how you choose to use it, you will get amazing results. The method you choose will determine how long the results will last.

Increase Your Profitability

B.M has been developed with versatility in mind, so you can do it after any treatment service in your salon. You can double your docket size by adding it on to a wash and blow service and give your clients the fantastic, healthy shine they want.

Simply comb 5ml through the hair before you blow dry.

This time-effective method will not add additional time to your wash and blow service, but simply become part of the service.

Incredible results for the smallest of investments!

After a bleaching service, use the B.M Platinum to Treat & Tone at the same time

After a color service, use the B.M Pink and lock the color immediately!

Use it as touch up service between Brazilian keratin services

Use it as a step 3 after your conventional Brazilian keratin treatments. This will assist with the pH and add additional moisture and shine and make for happy clients!

Using the B.M Platinum as a step 3 on blonde hair will eliminate the unwanted yellow tones – all as a convenient, time-saving part of the process.

Read both of our BM Professional articles, Part 1 and Part 2, and carefully to answer the questions in our competition post next week, where 5 lucky salons will win R10 000 in product.

Ready to enter the competition? Click HERE to learn how.

Please contact our educator for more information on how to add our trusted treatment and service in your salon, without costing you any extra time.

Tel: 010 335 0388

Address: Unique Cosmetics, 41 Medway Road, Plumstead, Cape Town, 7801


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