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Welcome to the wonderful world of Healing Hair Colour with L'ANZA!

L’ANZA CREAM COLOURS – 3-in-1 Flexibility:

L’anza Healing Colour gives 3-in-1 flexibility for Permanent, Demi-Permanent and Demi Translucent (toning) results.

With one tube of colour you are able to achieve three different results, drastically reducing inventory and maximizing savings, without sacrificing on condition, results or limitation with L’anza Healing Colour.

The patented Keratin Healing System heals and simultaneously treats the hair by infusing potent doses of all 19 amino acids deep into the cortical layer of the hair shaft, guaranteeing unsurpassed health and condition of your guest’s hair every time.

Ensure Maximum Colour Longevity with Creative Flexibility

L’anza Healing Colour is formulated with the propriety Flower Shield Complex which promotes up to 107% longer lasting colour. The standard 1,68% ammonia content across all our standard shades means all are intermixable providing you with freedom to craft and formulate infinite shades and colour concepts.

In addition to the standard shades there are also 9 hi-lift and super-lift shades that could be used to gently lighten hair or used as stunning multi-dimensional toners.

L'ANZA DECOLORIZERS – 4 Different Options Available

In keeping with the ethos of endless possibilities, the L’anza Healing Colour Decolorizers offer you 4 different options to suite any application and provide you with the liberty of creating a truly customized lightening service to suite your guest’s needs. All crafted with the Keratin Healing System for maximum mitigation against damage and breakage.

Powder Decolorizer • Dust Free and anti-swelling properties • Up to 7 levels of lift Cream Decolorizer • Formulated for maximum comfort and ideal for sensitive on-scalp applications • Up to 7 levels of lift Clay Decolorizer • Ideal for free-hand techniques such as ombré and balayage • Up to 7 levels of lift Ultra Blonding Decolorizer • Extreme lightening and quick lift • Up to 9 levels of lift • Improves vibrancy and keeps blondes on tone L’ANZA VIBES: HIGH IMPACT COLOR

L’anza Vibes

  • Practical, one component colours, requiring no developer.

  • Straight from the tube directly applied to clean dry hair.

  • Pre-lighten hair to the recommended level to achieve the most vibrant and intense colours.

  • Patented High Impact Dye Technology ensures that these colours last up to 20 washes.

  • Longevity of the colour can be customised by accounting for processing time. Maximum processing time of 30 minutes assures longest possible longevity, however if shorter longevity is desired, then process between 15 and 20 minutes.

  • With 10 shades plus clear, Vibes can be intermixed to inspire countless unique and exciting shades.

The possibilities are endless!


With L’anza Liquids Demi Gloss toning and refreshing is made easy and predictable with the no-lift ammonia free formulas. Run no risk of lifting natural or previously coloured hair when toning with L’anza Liquid Demi Gloss. A simple 1:1 mixing ratio with a dedicated Activator and only a 20-minute processing time, achieving beautiful tones and vibrant colours have never been easier.

Complimented by a pH balanced formula, the Keratin Healing System and Lumiplex C, your guest’s hair is guaranteed to be left feeling shinier and healthier with the added bonus of optimized moisture retention.

Thanks to the Flower Shield Complex, L’anza Liquids Demi Gloss last up to 24 washes and gradually fades on tone.


  • Lifter with powder decolorizer & 20 volume peroxide

  • Process for 45 minutes

  • Tone with 10A & 10P Demi & Translucent equal parts

  • Process for 30 Minutes

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