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The SA Hair & Beauty Industry Online Directory of Brands – A Business Search Tool We All Need

Just what Stylists, Salons and Barbershops Need – Where to find their favs fast

Stylists need to be able to find just the right products, services and equipment to support their creative talents and salon efficiency and service your clients to the best of your ability.

We at Hairnews understand the importance of finding the information you need FAST.

We get so many requests and questions every day directed to our IG and FB Pages, on the FB Group, and to our general Hairnews email, that we have pushed forward with the SA Industry Online Directory for Brands as a dedicated button on our website for easy searching for just what your salon clients need - all at your fingertips on your laptop, tablet or mobile.

Check it out HERE:

Need a supplier or stockist or brand manager for your fav brands? Need to find out who supplies that fabulous new range your clients are asking for? You can search right when you need the answer immediately!

Suppliers – Promote yourself and make your brands and reps easily accessible to your market.

As a supplier or educator, how can you miss this opportunity to place your brand listing on the primary informational site for the SA hair and beauty industry?

We are promoting updates to the Directory every month to keep your listing at the top of mind.

With an annual fee for a year-long listing in the Directory, we will be promoting the Directory every month in Hairnews and on our social media throughout the year to keep your brands at the top of mind for stylists, salons, spas and beauticians in SA.

Contact us for the annual Directory rate per year and the easy template to make yourself even more accessible to your market.

Your HN website listing will include your brands, company head office location, contact details and your brand managers if you would like to include them!

If you’d like to include your current stockists and area reps – please do.

We are constantly adding to the Directory as we go so if you’d like your brands included, contact us:

Our Educational Institutions and Colleges Directory will be coming soon also!


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