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DEPOT® The Male Tools & Co: No 508 Beard & Moustache Cleansing Foam

The Male Tools Co. introduces DEPOT® 508 of their 500 Series of Beard & Moustache Specifics

A brilliant addition to your Gent Clientele’s Hair and Skincare Retail – DEPOT®’s No 508 Beard & Moustache Cleansing Foam is Gentle Cleansing and Hydrating Skincare for the Well-Groomed Male.

As your gent clientele’s trusted expert in hair and skin health care, you know your customers’ needs in this modern, demanding world. Throughout history, the BEARD has been a symbol of distinction, communication, elegance, intellectual-aristocratic features. As the successful male knows, for the ultimate in elegance and style, facial hair must be taken care of regularly to maintain a fresh, well-groomed look.

A Cleansing Ritual is the essence of elegantly maintained and styled male. The epitome of male skincare is now accepted to be the gentle, richly hydrating rituals embodied in Korean Skincare practices. The foremost and most fundamental step is the Cleansing. The texture of the cleansing mousse cleanses deeply yet gently and is a fundamental step in KOREAN SKINCARE.

DEPOT® brings this tradition to life for men with the new NO. 508 BEARD & MOUSTACHE CLEANSING FOAM

Created to cleanse BEARDS AND MOUSTACHES, its formula is enriched with macadamia oil and lemon essential oil cleanses deeply, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean.

The ACTIVE ingredients within the formula will help you take care of your face, keeping it hydrated and toned, and will also make your beard and moustache soft and manageable.

  • MANGO BUTTER emollient and antioxidant

  • MACADAMIA OIL regenerating and emollient

  • LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL with an antioxidant and invigorating action, with a heady, refreshing fragrance

  • ALOE VERA EXTRACT soothing and nourishing

To Use:

Dampen beard and moustache. Dispense product into hands 2-3 times, distribute evenly over beard and moustache and lather. Remove with a damp cloth or rinse off with water to remove any product residue.

The fresh distinctive fragrance of our NO. 508 BEARD & MOUSTACHE CLEANSING FOAM will give you the right boost to start your day!

As your clients’ trusted advisor in healthy hair and skincare, encourage your gents clientele to try the SPECIFIC BEARD & MOUSTACHE RITUAL.

Your clients deserve a line of products that revisits the original formulas of classic men’s grooming treatments, with modern, sophisticated, and technologically advanced reinterpretations.

The barber is, once again, one of men’s best friends.

Let The Male Tools Co. and DEPOT® help you boost your salon revenue!

Speak to your DEPOT® Rep about Stocking the DEPOT® Original Formulas 500 Series – Beard & Moustache Specifics as part of Your Salon’s “Must-Have” Specifics for Gent Grooming


DEPOT® celebrates the tradition of male grooming with a universal and evolved sensitivity.

A complete range dedicated to male grooming created from traditional formulas, transforming the products into “must-haves”, thus making them become real classics for contemporary men.

Specific products for hair, shaving and beard and moustache care are completed with solutions for the body, as well as accessories.

Formulas created with innovative technologies and high-quality ingredients.

The range is completed with a line dedicated to fragrances that creates a journey through essences to interpret the most demanding man and his spaces, with perfumes and ambient fragrances.

Take Note Trading are distributors of DEPOT and Milk_shake in SA

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