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The Gary Rom Ethos: Anything For Love...

I was approached in 2014 to assist with the filming of this amazing initiative by a group of friends and family members. Needless to say, the repercussions and wave of emotions that were prevalent on the day and indeed even 8 years later were well worth it.

Photographer Albert Bredenhann and I had a wish that 1 million people might view this act of kindness, to date over 17 million views and counting have been reached.

Click HERE to watch the full video.

The message is quite simple.

Turnover and business are one thing.

Social responsibility and the act of giving are another.

Make sure that no matter how big or small your company is, that some sort of contribution towards social responsibility is top of mind.

The great American salesman and motivator Zig Ziglar said “Give enough other people what they want, and you will always have what you want.”

I am happy to add that Gerdi remains cancer free until today.

Are you a stylist or barber with a dream of creativity and a love for your community?

To be a part of the Gary Rom ethos please send your CV to

Franchise opportunities are available countrywide, interested parties can mail


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