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London Wellness - Cruise Ship Application Info: Chatting with Recruitment Manager Daniella Diem

Do you want to know how to apply and what to expect?

London Wellness Academy recruitment manager Daniella Diem discusses how the cruise ship spa career path begins and how you can use your own experience to succeed in qualifying for entrance to London Wellness Academy’s training programme.

Please can you tell us how you are doing your interviews, in person or online, and what people can expect in an interview?

It’s easier than you think.

After you’ve applied, interviews are done online or in person every first Saturday of the month.

Our next face-to-face interview and presentation information session dates are 7 October, 4 November, 2 December 2023, so start planning as soon as possible!

What qualifications do you need to apply?

It depends on what your specialisation is.

Hairdressers need to be qualified in MALE and FEMALE Caucasian hair - we don’t need a trade test.

Beauticians need to be qualified in facial and body electricals international, with massage (through ITEC, VTCT, Cidesco or City and Guilds).

Is there a specific background that sets a candidate up for success in applying and in a career onboard?

Being a confident speaker helps your success. You need only be confident in yourself and your profession. It’s a sales job – with each guest you sell the salon, you sell your talents and your creativity, and you sell what our employees can do for guests in the spa. Confidence is key in careers at sea!

A great work ethic combined with a positive attitude will mean you are extremely successful on board. Every week you will have a fresh start with thousands of new potential clients on board, bringing new opportunities every time. Because it is a tax-free environment, retailing is easy as it’s cheaper for clients to buy on board.

You need to be flexible, energetic, and positive!

What does the London Wellness Academy training programme include?

We train you in everything that you need to know in order to be as successful as possible on board.

Not only will you receive in-depth training in hair and beauty treatment programmes but extra training in teeth whitening, advance barbering, lash extensions and Keratin complex treatments.

The training is strict and professional. You are trained to look and act professionally at all times, while the independent working environment builds your confidence and business acumen.

Your business experience receives a broad range of training not only in running a business with specific column management, but you get to perform an array of many different services. At the academy you are trained in the tailor-made treatments, products and procedures used in the spas onboard that set us apart. An important factor in the quality we train for is striving to provide guests with the same quality treatments in any of our spas on any of our cruise ships.

You will be given full support and training on upselling and sales communication techniques during your time at the Academy, to help you give 100% full service to your clients and meet your retail targets successfully, and help your career be as successful as possible.

What are your Personal Thoughts on Success in an Onboard Career?

It’s a fantastic opportunity to travel the world, earning tax free dollars, and growing with your professional career and yourself!

This is one of the only companies where you are paid to travel, earning a salary, while doing what you love.

Fun Fact: Your earnings are tax-free under SA’s current tax laws.

Because you work out of the country for more than 6 months of the year during your contract, you receive your earnings tax-free. In addition, your board, food and transport are all paid for, so the only money you need to spend is on enjoying yourself, sightseeing and shopping. Everything else can be saved and this can end up being a substantial sum.

How To Apply!

Go to and fill in the online form. A recruitment consultant will be in touch with you asap to set up a confidential interview. Your first step to a new life of excitement on board has begun!

Follow up with London Wellness Academy on our various social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram, and check out our website.

Sign up today!


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