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The Colours of the Rainbow by Safy B

Colour Queen Safy B, is known throughout the industry for her passion and incredible colour skills, working with her clients to create the most incredibly detailed styles, which turn heads and make a real statement. Safy’s desire to push the boundaries when working with colour has seen her create a host of beautiful colour collections whilst being recognised globally by her peers and media titles alike.

Having successfully waved goodbye to the pandemic, Safy is back in the middle of the colour world once again, working with her clients to produce unique looks that wow those around them.

With the world now fully open and creativity back and more intense than ever, Safy has created her own rainbow guide of colour, to inspire her fellow colourists and push the boundaries of hairdressing once more. Within the colour world, there is something for everything, and through the rainbow each individual will find their own love and look.

Dead Red

Perfect for – those who want to look FIERCE!

From my collection VIVACON, this is a look that will wow everyone. Rich, full of warmth and an overall application, it’s a colour which is strong and bold, promoting confidence and strong values.

The Yellow Smudge

Perfect for – those who want a little colour but something that will turn heads!

An image from my recent collection, SMUDGE, this look is perfect for those wanting to experiment a little more and try something completely different. Using sponges, the colours were blended together by simply smudging into one another. This freehand technique really allows you to get creative and the hair truly becomes your canvas.

Holographic Pink

Perfect For – those who love modern day colour techniques and looks!

Holographic looks are a huge hit in the salons at the moment, with colour clients opting for them wherever possible. The illusion of the changing colours and the striking shades used are instantly recognised. When creating this look it’s simpler than you think. You over direct the sections to the front of the hair, taking the entire top section to the front, so when the hair falls back into it’s natural pattern, the colours are in slightly different sections and it gives the holographic effect.

Atomic Tiger - green

Perfect For – buzz cuts!

What better way to embrace your own individual style, than creating beautiful patterns on the hair. Working with a global application on the base, the pattern is simply freehand painted onto the hair, bringing your canvas to life. For me, this gorgeous green was the perfect base – it’s bright, bold and such an individual colour.

Fruit Salad Smoothie

Perfect for – bending colours

Fruit salads are super colourful and this is exactly the inspiration behind this look. For clients who can’t quiet decide between two colours – blend them. It’s important to really work the colour into each other, in order to achieve a seamless and subtle blend, without harsh or bold colour lines.

Colour formula - 7RR@RR 30m;s +30ml 20vol +3mls red | Elumen PK@ALL | Elumen YY @ALL

Very Peri

Perfect for – 2022!

With Pantone announcing their colour of the year, it was only right I created something to represent this! Although predominately a cooler colour, this shade is full of warmth due to the purple and pastel tones used to create this colour. This look will be hugely popular throughout the year, going slightly darker as the months progress.

Colour formula – pe lightened global lightener 10n, pre toned with Goldwell colorance 10BS + 4 drops of pure pigments cool violet | Elumen Play 100ml Pastel Lavanda, 30mls Purple and 5mls blue.

Emerald Blue

Perfect For – the cool kids!

This look is one of my favourites – it represents the colours of the ocean and the beauty that lies within, using a variety of different colour shades to perfectly compliment each other. Each colour is blended into the next, going from the deep depths to the lighter surface.

Colour formula – Goldwell Elumen TQ@ALL | YY@ALL | plblue@10 | BL@all

Rainbow Dreams

Perfect For – those who love every colour

A rainbow flash – the most beautiful flash of colour you will see. This is the perfect colour selection for those who love every colour and can’t decide, those who want to embrace creative colour whilst keeping their overall colour much more subtle. When creating this look, the application is up to you – do your thing, painting the colour directly onto the hair in your own desired pattern.

Colour formula – Goldwell Elumen Play


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