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Style Inspiration: Umbala by Joel Ibáñez Maturana

The “UMBALA” collection is an ode to the passion for color and fantasy, an artistic manifestation that emerges from the creative soul of its author. Each evoked image of nature – the clash of two icebergs, the northern lights, the lava of a volcano, and the blooming of a meadow in spring – becomes a living canvas where strength and beauty intertwine in a chromatic dance.

In this visual universe, Umbala emerges as a powerful woman, an aesthetic warrior who challenges conventional limits. Her image is her banner, a bold declaration of her unique identity. In every detail of her style, in every shade of her hair, her relentless quest to stand out, to transcend the ordinary, and embrace the extraordinary is reflected.

The clash of two icebergs turns into an explosion of cold tones that awaken deep emotions. The northern lights unfold their magic in ethereal shapes and tones, inviting exploration of the infinite range of color possibilities. The volcano’s lava burns intensely, igniting hair with coppery shades that radiate warmth and passion. The blooming of a meadow in spring translates into an explosion of life and vitality, with vibrant and fresh tones celebrating the ephemeral and powerful beauty of nature.

With “UMBALA,” the author not only creates a hairdressing collection but also a manifesto of passion, freedom, and the constant quest for self-identity.

Author: Joel Ibañez Maturana @joelcastellbisbal

Hairdressing Assistant: Zoila Muñoz @ozeenneezo

Makeup: Marta Resina @raffelpagesmolins

Styling: Joel Ibañez Maturana @joelcastellbisbal

Photography: David Arnal @davidarnalteam

Communication: Óscar Martinez @oscarmr76


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