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Style Inspiration: Blank Canvas by Mark van Westerop, Netherlands

“This collection is bursting with colour. It is an ode to craftsmanship. We're going back to basics. It's all about technique, both in colour and in cutting and styling. I like to be inspired by modern, abstract painting. I love to watch that explosion of colours, that ease and freedom. In this collection I go back to basics, to primary and secondary colours and the structure of the colour star. Colours in their purest form - red, yellow and blue - can be seen in every look. By positioning and stacking them in a certain way, new colours are created and they kind of merge with each other.”

Mark van Westerop

Hair: Mark van Westerop at Pro Solo, Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Colour: Louise Vlaar

Make-up: Angelique Stapelbroek

Styling: Ed Noijons

Products: Keune Hair Cosmetics

Photographer: Studio IvodeKok

Clothes design: Tula Rose


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