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Ship Stylist Positions Open from March 2024: London Wellness Academy

If you want to travel, see exotic destinations, and have the personal and professional experience of a lifetime, a cruise ship contract through London Wellness Academy will offer you this opportunity. There has never been a better time to spread your wings, see what the world has to offer, and earn tax free income to help you build your career and your life!


The demand is higher than ever for wellness staff aboard the cruise ships sailing the world and the fabulous opportunities available if you love working with hair. 

March 2024 – Your target date for your new styling career and a life of adventure.


Right now is the time to email Nadine Brits, Recruitment Manager, and sign up for your interview with London Wellness Academy.


If you’re a qualified hairstylist, LWA can give you the training and skillset to take advantage of the most exciting career pathway available!


Complete your interview and pre-ship training with London Wellness Academy and embark on the journey of a lifetime. 

Email Nadine with your CV and hairdressing qualifications:

She looks forward to helping you make your dreams come true!

Here are Some Fast Facts about Cruise Ship Hairdressing:

  • The money you earn is tax-free and your accommodation and food is free. 

  • You are a short elevator ride away from your beautiful place of work – spas usually have an incredible sea view.

  • You will receive intensive training on everything you need to offer a variety of skilled services on board.

  • You will work with top quality products.

  • The experience you gain on board will superpower you afterwards in your career and open new doors.

  • There is no age limit for applying, and mature hairdressers are welcome to apply, as are young hairdressers who have completed their qualification.

  • Many hairstylists who do a contract at sea love it so much that they sign up again!


If you are keen to change your life, email Nadine Brits with your CV and hairdressing qualifications: and she will get in touch with you asap to set up a confidential interview and answer all the questions you might have.



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