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Running With Scissors Durban Seminar Ahead

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves hard questions. For too long the industry has not shared knowledge. It is time to expand and improve the industry as a whole.

RWS was started in 2019 as a hair consultancy company by Andrew Guilfoyle, co-founder of scar hair in Cape Town. After 30 years in the industry realised that his focus was now ready to be placed into the industry as a whole, instead of just in his own salon. In the last 2 years he has worked with many different salons across the country as well as internationally.

The idea of RWS is to create a holistic and transparent approach to each salon and individual with the aim of growth. Creatively and financially.

The topic for Durban is EDUCATION IS THE CONSULTATION. This focuses on the importance of education and how it translates into sales. Happier client, more successful stylists. We are happy to announce that CROP will be hosting RWS on Monday the 15th February.


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