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Retro-Futuristic Pink Hair Color with Goldwell's Color of the Year: Bubblegum

Watch as Agnes Westerman, Goldwell International Artist from the Netherlands, demonstrates how to create the 2022 Goldwell Color of the Year: Bubblegum. Working in conjunction with some of the world’s foremost color experts, we are excited to introduce this retro-futuristic pink shade that playfully walks the line between daring hot pinks and classic pink pastels. Try it yourself and don‘t forget to use #BubblegumHair when you share your creations!


60 ml Lotion

5 ml 10BS

20 ml Pastel Rose

5 ml Pastel Lavender


5 drops Cool Pink


10 ml PlRose

5 ml SB@10

0.5 ml VV@all


30 ml Lotion

15 ml 10BB


8 drops Cool Pink


20 ml Lotion

10 ml 10BS

For more information on Goldwell’s stunning, inspirational products and trends, contact 011 312 5070.


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