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Milkshake Introduces the new BHE AIR – Showcase your Talent Easily and Effortlessly

The BHE Air is the lightest and most powerful hairdryer currently on the market, designed to make your creative work so effortless and uncomplicated! It’s light and ergonomic, preventing wrist and shoulder damage as it weighs only 240grams.

The BHE Air is equipped with the latest and most innovative technologies: i-OZONE technology and i-TORRENTE gives hair well-being, shine, and long-lasting color. i-TORRENTE guarantees very high performance, combined with the construction features and design particular to the best Italian quality. Hairstyling has never been so comfortable and well supported by a brand!

Make it easy on yourself – the BHE Air’s newest technology to make your creative styling brilliantly easy, fast and stress-free!

All the boxes are ticked for you to succeed:

Fast Drying – The high performance i-TORRENTE effect multiplies air-flow which leads to faster drying time

Health and Hygiene – the innovative i-OZONE technology assist in reducing the spread and build op of bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses.

Auto Diagnosis – no more guessing! Immediate indication of any malfunctioning system.

Auto clean – fabulous longevity of your new BHE Air – the TURBINE reversal deep cleans the BHE Air after each use.

Innovative Micro Filter - Prevents micro dirt particles entering the hairdryer mechanism, promoting hair hygiene and preventing hair from getting caught during fast efficient services.

All these highlights mean your investment lasts and lasts, with no guesswork or downtime, with your work made so quick and comfortable and stress-free, reducing service time while your clients are thrilled with such healthy, luxuriant hair and styling!

BHE AIR Features:

  • 3 Speed settings

  • 3 heat settings

  • Cold shot

  • Lock button


  • Lightest dryer: 240g

  • Power: 2000 watts

  • Brushless motor speed: 100k rom

  • Warranty: 12 months

  • Comes complete with: 1 x Nozzle and 1x Hair Diffuser

Please contact one of our dedicated sales consultants to discuss pricing or phone us on 021 552 2369.

Contact BHE on:


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