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milk_shake® Newest Mirror-Shine Finish for Hair: Insta.Light

Ready to Shine? Insta.Light Express Lamination Treatment for that Mirror-like Shine

You know what your clients are asking for! In Hollywood it’s called the glass hair trend and it's loved by influencers: it gives super-shiny hair that’s silky soft and extra smooth, so shiny you can almost see your reflection in it.

Transform Your Clients’ Hair:

The glass hair shine effect for silky soft, healthy-looking hair

Unparalleled Shine, Softness, Manageability & Weightlessness - According To 9 Out Of 10* Women, Hair Colour Lasts Longer +60% **

*Self-assessment test carried out on 25 people.

**Spectrophotometric analysis carried out on 20 hair samples of human origin..

Which Ingredients Make Hair Shiny & Lustrous?

• sweet almond proteins cover the hair fibre and seal hair cuticles, giving hair elasticity, softness and shine

• milk proteins have a conditioning and nourishing effect, giving hair strength and softness.

• hyaluronic acid penetrates the hair’s structure, balancing the hydration levels within the hair.

• fruit extracts lemon and blueberry give the hair radiance, shine and silky softness.


In just a few steps it gives hair incredible shine through the combined action of 4 products:

insta.light shampoo

strengthening shampoo with a filler effect for all hair types

Gently cleanses and makes hair easy to comb, leaving it soft and shiny. Formulated with fruit extracts that provide vitamins and precious minerals, giving elasticity and making the hair stronger. The creamy texture, combined with the irresistible peach fragrance, makes this shampoo an enjoyable experience at the backbar.


liquid mask for instant glossy, silky hair

A treatment with hyaluronic acid that in just a few seconds detangles and hydrates the hair, giving instant shine and removing frizz. Its liquid texture is as light as water and easy to apply, smoothing the hair’s porosity and closing the hair cuticles.

Ideal for colour-treated, chemically-treated or dry hair.

insta.light potion

extra shine effect leave in treatment

Its shine-enhancing formula is enriched with milk proteins and sweet almond proteins. Its creamy texture is easy to apply and adheres to the hair, sealing it. A laminating fluid that makes the hair fuller, giving it incredible shine.

lifestyling thermo-protector

heat protection for hair

An ultra-fine formula created to protect the hair fibre from heated styling tools.The formula creates an invisible film overthe hair that prevents split ends, breakage and damage, as well as reducing drying time.

One More Reason to Love the Insta.Light Service?

the client will have lustrous hair that will last up to 3 washes!

To Prolong the Effects Of The Insta.Light Treatment, We Recommend The Brand New Must-Have INSTA.LOTION

Your clients will love it:

easy to apply

quick to rinse out

detangled hair

quicker drying time – reduced processing time

extreme shine effect

... and a gorgeous fragrance!

Sweet and fruity peach notes refresh the senses with a delicate and lively fragrance, a cocktail of pure happiness.

Ready to Shine - You’ll Never Want to Be Without It in your Salon’s Repertoire

Insta.Light’s express lamination treatment will give your clients the famous glass hair trend, as seen on celebrities and influencers. Available now from your favourite milk_shake® rep!

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