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Local Inspiration from Izahn Marais at Painted Style

Incredible colour, style and curls was the order of the day from Izahn Marais at Painted Style in Boksburg.

Click the image below to see the Instagram post.


I use the dreamweaver from @framar alternating between a medium weave and a fine solid section throughout the head



Blond Me premium lightner with 6% premium developer.


Schwarzkopf Vibrance

30g 9½-1 ; 10g 8-11 ; 10g 9½-4 with 1.9% gel activator


Used the GHD max styler to create the curls.

Finished off with Schwarzkopf osis+ Sparkle and Schwarzkopf barbary fig oil.

Hair: Izahn Marais

Products: Schwarzkopf Professional, Framar, ghd

Salon: Painted Style, Boksburg

Follow Izahn on Instagram @izahn_painted_style

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