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L’Oréal Professionnel Introduces Serie Expert Metal Detox

Professional Metal Neutralizer for use with Color, Balayage and Bleach

The Problem

Worldwide levels of metal in the environment vary but they all have the same result: buildup of metal particles within the hair fibres with every wash. While not a health risk, this excessive metal accumulation is going to interact with your hair services, especially color, balayage and bleaching, leading to increased breakage and color results that are unreliable, leading to unhappy clients.

L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert gives you:

  • The Promise

  • The Science

  • The Protocol

  • The Resources

1.THE PROMISE – Disruptive Innovation

Insight: Hairdressers have always experienced the frustration of breakage and color inconsistencies on clients with even the healthiest of hair.

Discovery: L’Oréal has spent 7 years intensively researching the cause and discovered that it is metal deposited inside the actual hair fibre that causes the breakage and unreliable color results, not the metal on the hair fibre surface. The metal inside the fibre interacts with the oxidant during color, balayage and bleaching, causing unreliable results and breakage and unhealthy hair.

Solution: L’Oréal Professionel Paris has developed a protocol using a molecule small enough to target metal inside the hair fibre: Glicoamine. This new molecule is at the core of Metal Detox.

Result: A new protocol intensive tested by the collaborating scientists and 3 international hairdressers, with 102 instrumental tests and over 1000 in vivo tests.

The results have been impressive – 87% less breakage and 100% reliable color result with no impact on the lift, and an optimized color uptake.

It even smells divine! With a specially developed fragrance that is distinctive, memorable and addictive, making every service with Metal Detox pure sensory pleasure.


The solution: Glicoamine - Unique and Efficient - the only active agent small enough to trap and neutralize metal inside the hair fibre, now successfully concentrated for the first time up to 10% and with the strong affinity with metal regardless of uneven repartition.


L’Oréal Professionel Paris has created a 3-step protocol capable of neutralizing metal and detoxifying hair, guaranteeing color, balayage and bleach without breakage and with 100% reliable color results!

Step 1 Metal Neutralizer Professional Pre-treatment

Step 2 Anti-Metal Cleansing Cream Professional Shampoo

Step 3 Anti-Deposit Protector - Professional Care for fine and thinning hair and Professional Mask for medium and thicker hair, and both for maximum strength and the most protective, healthiest results. This can be a further retailed to your clients for optimum home care maintenance to keep their hair looking fabulous, maintaining color vibrancy between services.

Home Maintenance: Give to your clients the same professional formulas used after color, balayage and bleach services

The Home Maintenance care is an important step for your clients that not only continues to protect and detoxify their hair but has been formulated to create a deeply nourishing care regime that becomes a delicious sensorial experience, encouraging client satisfaction and enjoyment on all levels!


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Here you can interact with our experts with the experience:

  • Charlotte Catherine

  • Sebastian Langman-Kirtley

  • Washington Nunnes

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