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KMS Launches Fabulous New Conscious Style Line

If you are striving towards being more planet-friendly and conscious in your salon, while still giving your clients phenomenal results from a brand they adore... you will love KMS Conscious Style, the brand new range of shampoo, conditioner, styling putty and multi-benefit hairspray, that’s all about using less to achieve more!


KMS has eliminated the compromise that often comes with being eco-friendly but still creating consistently fabulous hair. Now you truly get the best of both worlds with the new and innovative CONSCIOUS STYLE line.

Designed for daily use, this range is formulated with mostly naturally-derived, high performing ingredients. Ideal for normal to fine hair and safe for color-treated hair, CONSCIOUS STYLE offers weightless hydration, natural texture, and protects hair against environmental toxins while creating pure, individual style.

The pure, simple and mostly sustainable ingredients are carefully chosen. Up to 98% are naturally derived and up to 97% are biodegradable. The range contains KMS’s unique TRIfinity Technology.

The CONSCIOUS STYLE ingredients include sustainably sourced, Ecocert extracts including:

Moringa Seed Oil, which is known as the miracle tree and the most nutritious plant on earth. This rich smoothing oil is high in natural antioxidants and hydrates and protects hair.

Oat Oil, gentle and soothing, packed with lipids and vitamins, it helps maintain the scalp’s natural balance while locking moisture inside, and restoring natural luster and elasticity.

CONSCIOUS STYLE keeps it clean, with no sulfates, silicones, micro-plastics, mineral oils, dyes/artificial colorants and animal-derived products. Any included fragrance has a low allergy potential.

The packaging is up to 100% recyclable and has a low carbon impact.


EVERYDAY SHAMPOO: This daily mild shampoo gently cleanses, maintaining the natural balance of the scalp while providing weightless hydration to leave hair with a natural touch and healthy shine. It boosts the internal and external structure of the hair.

EVERYDAY CONDITIONER: This mild and nourishing daily treatment gently detangles and maintains the natural balance of the hair and scalp while enhancing manageability and elasticity. Strengthening inside and out, hair is left with a soft touch and healthy shine.

STYLING PUTTY: This paste/cream features an innovative blend of naturally-derived Carnauba Wax and a natural styling polymer. It seals in hydration while giving control, definition, long-lasting hold without stiffness and a matte finish suitable for all hair types and lengths.

MULT-BENEFIT SPRAY: This hybrid flexible styling spray/finishing hairspray creates a flexible shield around the hair that enhances hair elasticity and manageability. It also adds texture and control with medium hold and frizz reduction.

Grab your incredible products today and watch them fly off your shelves!

Call Kao on 011 312 5070 and a friendly rep will be in touch for you to experience these products in your salon!


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