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KMS Is Committed to Sustainability with Clean Sweep Initiative

Fabulous, funky and well loved brand KMS is launching a new initiative to raise awareness among salons and clients about the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

The Clean Sweep Initiative includes several exciting new programs to further the brand’s sustainable journey.

Firstly, product packaging and ingredient transparency are taking centre stage. “Sustainability is now at the forefront of the collective consumer consciousness.” explains Kristof Stengele, Associate Director KMS. “Individuals and our stylists are taking more and more measures to ensure their own lifestyles are sustainably minded. Rightfully so, they now demand the same, or more, from the brands that they use.”

The amazing new KMS sustainability efforts include:

Environmental / Sustainability Icons: KMS will start to integrate the new Kao Environmental / Sustainability icons into the collection. KMS will create consistent and uniform labelling across all digital and physical touch points, to showcase measures such as responsible sourcing, mindful water usage, minimalistic and responsible packaging, as well as product and ingredient transparency.

Ingredient Transparency: From the very beginning, KMS has been dedicated to using the finest ingredients to create superior and high performing hair care products. Now, the brand is taking it further by allowing consumers to easily search an in-depth database of the key ingredients on the KMS website.

Packaging Recyclability: All KMS Shampoos and Conditioners are packaged entirely out of PP (polypropylene), making them 100% recyclable.

Aluminium Reduction: To reduce the eco footprint, KMS has partnered with the Ball Corporation to switch to a lightweight aluminium can, saving a total of 1.4 tons of aluminium every year. The innovative and patented technology reduces the weight of the can by 15% without affecting the packaging integrity, while also reducing the can’s carbon footprint by approximately 12%.

Exciting and encouraging news for all lovers of this iconic and relatable brand.

To find out more about stocking KMS in your salon, call Kao South Africa on 011 312 5070.


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