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Introducing Cerese Bouwer and Kyle van Wyk, Kao South Africa Ambassadors

Kao South Africa is proud to introduce two talented and dynamic brand ambassadors to the industry. Meet Cerese Bouwer, Kao Salon Brand Ambassador Goldwell KMS, and Kyle van Wyk, Kao Salon Brand Ambassador KMS.

Cerese Bouwer: Kao Salon Brand Ambassador Goldwell KMS

Ever since starting her hairdressing studies at Terenzo International Academy, Cerese Bouwer admits she has been on an incredible journey. “Hairdressing has completely changed my world,” she says.

When she had just started high school, her stepfather (also Terence’s stepfather) said that she was a born hairdresser and should go into the industry. “Terence is still one of my biggest role models because he never stops innovating,” she says.

Four years ago, Cerese worked for a salon that introduced her to Goldwell. She fell in love with the brand. “There is always something new being launched, and it is so innovative. They push stylists and creatives and colour artists with new technology and liquid tools, which keeps the industry alive and exciting.

In 2019, in KZN, Cerese decided to open her own salon, Cerese Hair Design. “Six months later along came lockdown! It was a stressful time but we managed to survive and bounced back better than ever. I since purchased my own property where I moved my salon. We have a choice of outdoor stations, two qualified stylists and two incredible assistants. I am so proud of my amazing team – we are humble and happy working together.” The salon, based in Hillcrest, was fortunately not directly affected by the recent riots.

“A while ago one of my clients asked me what I wanted to do career wise, and I told her I wanted to be a leading hairdresser. She said, “But you’re in Hillcrest. How can you?” That pushed me even harder to try,” she says.

Cerese has since built a reputation as the “blonde doctor” of Hillcrest thanks to her specialisation in blonde. The majority of her clients are blonde, and she does a lot of colour services. “For a while I didn’t even know I had this title. A client called in a panic asking for the “blonde doctor” and I thought she meant the medical rooms across the road. But no, it was me!”

Cerese adores Goldwell’s wide variety of lighteners that are effective and versatile and which respect the hair’s condition. Bondpro is one of her go-to products for a healthy blonde result. “The colour and blonding tools are incredible. It’s all about lifting and reconstructing together,” she says.

Technique wise, her favourites are full blonde transformations and freehand balayage. She’s pleased that lockdown gave clients more time to catch up on international trends, and clients who were previously “stuck” on ash blonde are now open to trying copper, strawberry, and the warmer golden tones as they have seen them overseas. “It’s easier to promote them when clients understand them,” she explains.

She was thrilled to become a brand ambassador for Kao. “It is easy to represent such an amazing company and brands. Ever since I was introduced to the Goldwell range, and learned about brand ambassadors, I had a dream that I would be a brand ambassador for this incredible company.”

Her first reaction was to burst into tears. “It was a very emotional time for me. I am thrilled to represent a brand I believe in. Eight months after losing my father, among all the chaos of moving premises and building my business, the news was overwhelming.”

When lockdown allows, Cerese would love to travel overseas to meet more of the Kao salon family and to go to the Goldwell factory to see how the products are made. “Watching the scientists working on the colours would be a dream come true,” she admits.

“From a personal point of view I would like to say – never give up on your dreams. No matter where you come from, you can be anything you want to be. Push for it, put in the extra hours, go through the meltdowns and tears. Don’t give up, because if you believe in your brand, your brand will believe in you.”

Follow Cerese’s Facebook page here:

Kyle van Wyk: Kao Salon Brand Ambassador KMS

Kyle van Wyk is a second generation hairdresser, and creativity and the love of hair runs in his family. Today, he co-owns Texture Incorporated, a salon in Strand, Cape Town, together with his mother Suzette, and a team of two other amazing hairstylists.

“My love for KMS started in 2013 in my sister’s salon,” Kyle explains. “I didn’t know it too well but as I worked with it I started following the brand. I fell even more in love and started stocking it. Especially with today’s emphasis on social media, the finish of a style is so important. KMS is so innovative with their Start, Style, Finish progression. It has everything you need for hair prep and all kinds of styling, and it’s so easy to create the latest trends.” Kyle loves to experiment and is never happier than when trying out something new.

His current favourite product is Therma Shape, a heat protective styling product that speeds up the blowdry process. He also loves the new KMS Solid shampoo bars for their green, eco- friendly ethos and innovation. “It’s a brilliant concept,” he says.

Kyle is very proud to be an ambassador for KMS. “I’m looking forward to the content creation, the videos and photos. It’s an honour, that has given me an extra push in my career and inspired me to keep my work to an even higher standard. It has made me more disciplined, and encouraged me to strive for greater perfection. My clients tease me that I am now famous! They are very proud of me and see it as a big achievement that I have accomplished.”

Kyle is looking forward to doing more collaborative shoots with other salons, and getting more involved in creative work. “With lockdown restrictions it can be more difficult to do the shoots in the way you want, so this is definitely a plan for the future. I will be so excited when lockdown lifts to a level where this is possible and we can return to a new normal,” he says.

Another goal is getting into education and doing stage work and holding seminars. “I am very shy by nature and prefer one on ones with my clients but I would like to push myself out of my comfort zone and do classes and seminars. Being an ambassador has motivated me to do this.”

Follow Kyle’s salon Facebook here:

For all local enquiries about Goldwell and KMS brands, please call 011 312 5070 or email


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