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Hairnews Coordinates Support to Affected Salons During Riots

In the most difficult of times, it is the courage and generosity of humanity that gives us strength and support.

Our hearts are with all salons affected by the riots, and who have suffered damage or loss. We are thinking of everyone in affected areas, hoping that the situation is controlled as soon as possible and that you and your staff are able to access food, medication, shelter and safety.

As soon as it is safe, we would like to help affected salons rebuild.

We are therefore coordinating the efforts to help between affected salons, and those offering help.

Please email if you need help or you would like to offer help.

Please state your area and contact phone number.

If you need help:

Please tell us what you need urgently – will you need furniture, equipment, tools, products? Will you need help shopfitting or do you need an alternative salon in the same area to work from for a while?

State whether you need these items permanently or on loan until your insurance pays out (if Sasria is included in your business insurance you will be able to claim).

State your salon’s location.

If you are offering help:

Please tell us if you can offer anything specific or whether you want to offer general help.

If you are offering specific help please state what you have available in terms of items, labour, time, etc. Also whether any furniture or equipment is available as a donation, or on long loan for a few weeks.

Please state your area and contact phone number.

Thank you so much!

Email with the above information.

Please stay calm and positive. Remember salons are community leaders and clients who are fearful or insecure will be comforted greatly by calm leadership at this time. We will all work together as a community and a country to ensure that we are safe, secure, and back to normal as soon as possible.


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