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Grow with GLOW - NEW Premium Grade Collagen Products from MHB

Modern Hair & Beauty has expanded its brand stable to include GLOW, a range of premium grade, 100% certified, pure hydrolysed collagen powder products. The range includes Pure Collagen with Verisol™, Collagen Coffee, and Collagen Creamer. GLOW pure collagen delivers Good Life Optimal Wellness – with only half a teaspoon a day!

One of the fastest growing health and food markets worldwide is the collagen supplement industry. Expert research analysis shows that the collagen market in the Middle East and Africa region (MEA) is expected to grow from USD 598.57 million in 2021 to U$D 897.04 million by 2029*. That’s a compound annual growth rate of 5.3%.

According to Forbes, the global collagen market was at an estimated $3.5 billion in 2018 and jumped to $8.36 billion in 2020 with anticipated growth to $16.70 billion by 2028.


With projections like these, and as a business owner in the beauty and wellness industry, it’s a no-brainer that adding GLOW collagen products to your retail offering will grow your business and increase your profits. You already have a captive audience. All you need is to think like a futurist and embrace the opportunity to grow with GLOW.


The healing benefits of collagen have been known since the 1100s, but it was only in the mid-1970s that collagen use began to gain traction. In its early period, it was used mainly as a binding agent for meat products. Studies in the mid-1980s delivered positive evidence of increased joint mobility with collagen production in joint cartilage. As its efficacy became known, its popularity grew and by the late 1990s it was being used in hundreds of cosmetic products to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Increasingly over time collagen was added as an ingredient in many types of foodstuffs.

Fast forward to a new century and the demand for pure, ingestible collagen has gone through the roof. Improved technology and decades of research leaves us at our most knowledgeable ever. We know that our bodies naturally produce collagen to maintain the health of connective tissue, skin, hair, teeth, and other body parts. As we age, our bodies begin to slow the natural production of collagen. By the time we reach mid-life we produce less than half of this vital protein needed to function optimally.

Now, thanks to premium grade GLOW collagen products, declining levels can easily be restored returning us to optimal wellness – with only half a teaspoon a day!


GLOW is 100% certified, pure hydrolysed collagen and comprises only animal collagen, the most effective and most concentrated form of collagen for the body. It is produced from bovine raw materials sourced from Brazil. Animals are grass-fed and comply with all regulations for collagen production. All products are blended in an ISO certified food grade facility. Halaal certified.

GLOW PURE COLLAGEN contains Verisol™ bioactive peptides which influence the skin’s collagen production from the inside when taken orally. Verisol™ increases the skin’s moisture making it an important component in the support of firmer skin with fewer wrinkles, reduced cellulite and stronger, healthier hair and nails. ZERO aftertaste.

Suggested daily intake: 2,5 g (½ teaspoon) dissolved in hot or cold water.

Yield per 300g pack: 120

GLOW COLLAGEN COFFEE is a fine blend of pure hydrolysed collagen and the purest Mocha to counteract the loss of the body’s natural collagen production. The fine coffee aroma and rich flavour will leave you wanting cup after cup of this extended benefit beverage! ZERO aftertaste.

Suggested serving: 5 g (1 teaspoon) dissolved in 1 cup boiling water.

Yield per 300g pack: 60

GLOW COLLAGEN VANILLA CREAMER is a blend of pure hydrolysed collagen and calcium. It offers a perfect combination to enhance the flavour of your favourite cuppa, while counteracting the loss of collagen production.

Suggested serving: 15 g (1 tablespoon) dissolved in hot or cold beverage. ZERO aftertaste.

Yield per 300g pack: 20


Less is more! From using only half a teaspoon of Pure Collagen a day, I have seen a difference in the condition of my nails. My skin looks smoother too. Even the sleeping wrinkles I usually get on my chest after a nap seem to have disappeared! And another benefit ... there no funny taste like some other products I have tried. It actually doesn’t taste of anything.

CHRIZELLE – Engineer

I’ve introduced GLOW Pure Collagen into my daily routine. With previous products, I experienced extreme cramping and discomfort, but not with GLOW. I’m very happy with the results. My gut health has improved substantially.

NATASHA – IBS and acid reflux sufferer

I have been using GLOW Pure Collagen for quite some time. It helps me maintain bone strength and overall health while I train for endurance events. I also see great results in my skin appearance, especially for a guy who trains outdoors in all conditions, I think it's important to practice self-care!

TIAAN – Endurance Athlete

I have joint hypermobility which has caused debilitating arthritis flare-ups in middle-age. Since using GLOW I have not needed to use anti-inflammatory medication. I hope this continues with long-term use. I’ve been using half a teaspoon of Pure Collagen in the morning and another at night. No aftertaste at all.

JANE – Copy Editor

Stock GLOW in your salon

To stock GLOW collagen products in your salon call MHB Telesales on 0860 104 109 or contact your Modern Hair & Beauty sales representative.

*Data Bridge Market Research

Modern Hair & Beauty


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