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Gents’ Grooming Essentials: No. 506 Beard Specifics Invisible Colour from DEPOT®

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The New Colouring Treatment for Men by DEPOT®

The Male Tools & Co. introduces DEPOT® 506 of their 500 Series of Beard & Moustache Specifics

Subtlety and the Essence of the Well-Groomed Male

Throughout history, the BEARD has been a symbol of distinction, communication, elegance, intellectual-aristocratic features.

Over the centuries, the beard has lost its “wild man” symbolism and become a distinctive and complementary representation of a strong personality. As the successful male knows, for the ultimate in elegance and style, beards must be taken care of regularly to maintain a fresh look.

And to help enhance that strong, masculine and active look of a secure and confident male with a subtle and discreet touch, DEPOT® introduces:

NO. 506 - INVISIBLE COLOR for hair & beard and NO. 507 - COLOR ACTIVATOR

Ammonia-free semi-permanent colouring cream for beard and hair, suitable for hiding and blending naturally grey or white hair.

Available in 6 shades in various intensities

  • dark

  • medium

  • light

for the most natural results without regrowth.

Active Igredients:

Witch hazel extract, astringent, protective and conditioning for the scalp

Pro-vitamin B5, regenerating, soothing and conditioning for skin and hair

Rosemary extract, antibacterial,deodorizing

Mixing & Application:

Mixed on a 1:1 ratio, No. 506 INVISIBLE COLOUR and No. 507 Colour Activator can be applied directly to dry beard or hair.

The Processing Time will give the desired unique results for each of your clients, depending on the final look they desire.

For the Best Aftercare, DEPOT® has you covered:

FOR HAIR: it is recommended to cleanse using NO. 103 Hydrating Shampoo and conclude with

NO. 202 Complete Leave-In Conditioner.

FOR BEARD: it is recommended to cleanse using NO. 501 Moisturizing & Clarifying Beard Shampoo and conclude with NO. 202 Complete Leave-In Conditioner.

Your clients deserve a line of products that revisits the original formulas of classic men’s grooming treatments, with modern, sophisticated, and technologically advanced reinterpretations.

The barber is, once again, one of men’s best friends.

Let The Male Tools Co. and DEPOT® help you boost your salon revenue!

Speak to your DEPOT® Rep about Stocking the DEPOT® Original Formulas 500 Series – Beard & Moustache Specifics as part of Your Salon’s “Must-Have” Specifics for Gent Grooming


DEPOT® celebrates the tradition of male grooming with a universal and evolved sensitivity.

A complete range dedicated to male grooming created from traditional formulas, transforming the products into “must-haves”, thus making them become real classics for contemporary men.

Specific products for hair, shaving and beard and moustache care are completed with solutions for the body, as well as accessories.

Formulas created with innovative technologies and high-quality ingredients.

The range is completed with a line dedicated to fragrances that creates a journey through essences to interpret the most demanding man and his spaces, with perfumes and ambient fragrances.

Take Note Trading are distributors of DEPOT and Milk_shake in SA

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