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Focus on Dalene Walters: Celebrating Milk_shake's Winning Educator on Women's Day

The Hairnews Awards are dedicated to the South African Hair and Beauty Industry - to the people who are important to you the stylists and salon owners. Every Year we ask you in the SA Industry to tell us who made an impact on your salon and skillset, empowering you to higher artistic heights in your career.

We are delighted that Dalene Walters, owner of Bobs & Beehives and Educator for milk_shake South Africa, has been voted as the Gold Winner of the Best Industry Educator category in the 2023 Hairnews Awards.

We are privileged to have the most amazing, educators in South Africa, who have influenced the lives and careers of thousands, Educators who truly inspire and empower with their dedication, knowledge & expertise and who have given you real inspiration to use in-salon!

Her Most Recent Training Event in Cape Town was a Real Learning Experience

The Young Blood Art Gallery was a stunning venue where Dalene Walters hosted a fantastic training event at in Cape Town in July for stylists to learn and experiment.

She presented all that one can do with the 2023 Hairnews Awards Silver Winner of the Best Loved Colour Range - milk_shake®.

Dalene focussed on Blending and Freehand painting as well as the Bombshell Layered Cut, using milk_shake decologic BlackLight, Creative Permanent Colour 3.0, Incredible Milk and various strengths of milk_shake hairsprays to finish.

An exceptional learning experience and fun was had by all, and Dalene showed how she can inspire ever greater artistry and upskilling in SA stylists!

Speak to your milk_shake® rep about stocking such a divine sensory experience and treat your clients to all the sheer health and wellbeing you can offer them.

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