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EOHCB: 10 Management Tips to Reach your Goals and Shine

10 valuable tips to help you, the business owner, reach your goals and excel in managing your team.

1. Teamwork

Why it matters? The ability to work in a team provides for new and different perspectives, helps motivation, and reduces pressure. Ultimately, a team is a great learning opportunity and might open up doors you did not even know existed. In the world of work, teams are increasingly being relied on as a tool to increase organisational effectiveness and performance.

2. Leadership

Why it matters? Investing in leadership means investing in your ability to help bring out the best in yourself and in others. Good leaders are not only forerunners of ideas, but can act as persuasive and encouraging mentors who can help others go beyond their expectations. How to become a leader? There are plenty of different leadership approaches available. Consider transformational leadership as a starting point.

3. Entrepreneurship

Why it matters? Entrepreneurial skills are tools that help you turn a vision into reality. Consider start-ups and their founders: more often than not, entrepreneurs are pragmatic and optimistic, charming communicators who are not afraid to think outside the box and put something new into the world. As the late Steve Jobs famously said: “stay hungry, stay foolish”.

4. Conflict management

Why it matters? It is natural for people to disagree in all kinds of settings - and they will. Disagreement is normal and healthy, but only when managed properly. Learning some deescalation strategies and taking time to understand different perspectives can go a long way, no matter your position.

5. Negotiation

Why it matters: An old saying goes “nothing in life comes free”, meaning we need to work for what we wish to achieve. A large part of this is being able to state what you want in a persuasive, respectful manner - a skill that is useful in all spheres of life, not only in politics. Negotiation skills range from being able to listen to finding compromise in a fair and professional way.

6. Strategic thinking

Why it matters: You don’t need a fully fleshed-out strategy to be strategic - on the contrary, strategic thinking is an ongoing process of “strategising”. Think of chess: when playing, you are likely to plan ahead, be bold but intentional, and constantly improve your tactic depending on what you learn. To win at the game, you need to prioritise, consider some possible scenarios, and make a decision based on the best evidence available.

7. Project management

Why it matters: Any endeavour that is limited in time and has a particular goal can be considered a project (like learning new skills, getting promoted, building a house etc.). Project management skills help you define, plan, organise, lead and control. You can reach your goals away from chaos, with a plan, while tracking progress, being strategic with your resources, and learning from failure.

8. Time management

Why it matters: Time management does not only mean being on time (which is a great skill leaving a long-lasting good impression!). Learning to make the most of your time without procrastination makes you have more time, avoid frustration, and feel more fulfilled. Bonus: you can re-invest your time into things you really care about.

9. Adaptability

Why it matters: Nobody knows everything and it is often helpful to be aware of that, especially in a world that is changing rapidly. If you are willing to take a new path and try something completely different without giving up on your ideals, you are always up-to-date and never stop learning. This is also a good starting point for innovations.

10. Communication

Why it matters: Effective communication skills can probably be considered a fundamental life skill. It may not be possible to perfect the ability to convey information, but working on it can help personal relationships, improve your confidence, and really, really boost your career.

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