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Elchim 8th Sense: The Only Range of Dryers & Stylers Your Salon Needs

Elchim’s 8th Sense line. Professional dryers and stylers for all types of hair.

Elchim introduces the only 3 tools you will need for your salon for fast, efficient, on-trend drying and styling.

8th Sense ANEMOS Dryer

8th Sense RUN Dryer

8th Sense STYLER

Digital dryers and stylers for all types of hair, from the thickest to the most delicate

Dryers & Stylers for All Hair

8 types of hair exist in the world and each one requires a specific air flow and heat for styling.

8th Sense is the first line engineered for all types of hair and it is ideal also for the most fragile hair, those damaged due to age or treatments and even for babies’ fine hair. No more damage when drying and styling hair.


The styler for every hair creation

8th Sense dryers fit every desired style thanks to the electronic regulation of heat and air speed.

Modulating the temperature, the dryer facilitates curly styles, soft locks and every type of hair volumes.

Incredible results also for the styler, flawless both in straightening and in the infinite interpretations of curls through its rounded shape and the technology developed to make this tool extremely versatile.


Proudly made in Italy

8th Sense line is made in Italy, in the city of Milan, world capital of fashion and design where Elchim was established in 1945 and where the two founders of the brand created the first dryer ever made named “Professional”.

Every single Elchim tool is imagined, designed, engineered and handmade in Italy.

Our company’s philosophy has never changed over the years: yesterday as today we are the most passionate and demanding clients of ourselves. Our mission is to offer to professionals hair tools with outstanding performance that are 100% reliable, able to guarantee excellence and the highest safety levels to end users.

All company processes are ISO9001 certified and products are manufactured according to the strictest quality and safety international standards.


Styling takes less time and respects hair integrity

8th Sense dryers are engineered to preserve hair integrity, avoiding extreme heat, ensuring a uniformed drying from inside out that increases hair shine and reduces the drying time, even on very thick coarse hair. Thanks to the Elchim HIT (High & Instant Temperature) technology our styler gets the desired heat in only 17 seconds, keeps it always constant and achieves the greatest result in one pass.


Digital Soul

Technology is the heart of 8th Sense line. A complete products line that includes the innovative brushless digital motors, lightweight and with exceptional duration of the hair dryer RUN and ANEMOS, and the 11 programs of the flat iron.

A product line dedicated to those who love technology that improves life.

8th Sense ANEMOS DRYER – Lightweight, Precise & Powerful

Anemos is an ancient Greek word, which means wind, soul, a vital breath that has rule, discipline and purpose. Anemos is not only an unimaginably lightweight dryer, it is a performing and precise tool with its microbrushless digital motor with sonic technology, silent and powerful with the strongest and thickest hair, delicate with the finest ones.

The New Generation Hairdryer from Elchim, dreamed and manufactured according to the tradition of the Italian professional hairdryer, reinterpreted in a new futuristic and iconic design.

Sonic speed - 110,000 rpm

Ultralight - 290 gr (10.2 oz.) only

Noise reduction - 69 dBA

Smart Technology - for optimized heat & speed control protecting hair integrity and for all types of hair

Micro-Brushless Digital Motor with Sonic Technology

Makes the hair dryer fast (110,000 rpm), with excellent professional performance in an ultracompact design.

Power & Perfect Control

Thanks to an advanced study of the dynamics of air flows and the concentrators engineered to improve pressure (55 mBar) and air flow (33,814 fl oz/min - 1.000 L/min), Anemos guarantees a perfectly concentrated flow for precise hairstyling in a short time.

• Top-of-the-Range Performance

Exuberant power for professional hairstyling in less time.

• Silent

Less than 69 dBA for a reduction in noise pollution in the salon.

• For All Hair Types

Thanks to 3 speeds and 4 temperatures with bright LED system for easy reading. Effective on thick and frizzy hair as well as on fine hair as in the philosophy of the 8th Sense line.

• Perfect Ergonomics

The result of the right combination of lightweight (290 gr – 10.2 oz.), balance and ergonomic design.

• Special Filter

Designed by Elchim laboratories to be easily removed, cleaned and always replaceable.

• Ionic System

Improves hair hydration and reduces frizz.

• Made in Italy

The first of its category built entirely in our Country according to the standards of “the original Made in Italy hairdryer”.

 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

8th Sense RUN DRYER – Fast & Ultralightweight

Professional hairstylists know how important a powerful, fast and lightweight dryer is which saves time and seals perfectly the cuticles preserving hair integrity.

8th Sense line by Elchim welcomes a new generation dryer featuring an innovative, very light and long lasting brushless digital motor (BLDC TECHNOLOGY), entirely made in Italy.

Rapid - dry and style in half time

Ultralight - as never seen before

Nearly never-ending – over 5,000 working hours

• Styling

The 8th Sense RUN Styling Dryer is engineered by Elchim to dry and style hair with a perfect heat control making the hairdryer suitable for any type of hair, from the thickest to the most delicate.

• Long Life-Span Motor

New Elchim BLDC motor is tested for over 5,000 hours of use, is extremely lightweight lowering risk of carpal tunnel and reducing drying time even on thick coarse hair.

• Hair Integrity

New Elchim BLDC motor has no carbon brushes. Huge improvement for your hair and the environment.

• Ionic & Ceramic System

Ionic & Ceramic system prevents hair from overheating, dries hair from inside out and increases natural shine.

• Filter

The back laser-cut filter has been designed to reduce hair penetration in the dryer and to increase air volume.

MAX POWER 2,400 W (240 V)

Now available in 3 editions: black, Lily Rose limited and Amethyst.

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8th Sense STYLER – Professional Results in One Pass with No Limits to Your Artistry

Every type of hair has a different structure and to preserve hair health and integrity a specific heat is required to straight or create locks in one pass only. With its 11 settings 8TH Sense styler covers any possible need, guaranteeing the right treatment to the existing types of hair.

Quickly reaches your Desired Temperature

Ceramic & Titanium – Protect hair integrity

Clutch bag included

• No Hair Stress

11 temperatures (from 95°C to 235°C/from 203° F to 455° F) to style every type of hair, from the thickest to the most delicate.

• No Limits Styling

Floating and rounded plates to create waves, soft locks or perfectly straightened hair.

• Professional Ergonomics

Rounded and easy to handle for professional and comfortable use every day.

• Professional Results in One Pass

Thanks to ceramic and titanium oxyde along with the HIT® (High & Instant Temperature) styler heats up very quickly and keeps the temperature uniform on the entire plates surface.

Haircair Distribution is your go-to Stockist for these top-of-the-line, must-have tools to raise your salon’s creativity and efficiency, empowering your styling artistic talent beyond all limits and helping you help your clients look and feel their best.

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