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Eco-Friendly Kao is Rated Triple A for Climate Change, Forest and Water by CDP

Kao, the parent company of Goldwell and KMS, is the first-ever Japanese company to receive the prestigious Triple A score, as rated by the leading international organisation CDP.

The rating is based on a global survey of company’s responses to climate change, and their activities in safeguarding forests and water security. Only 10 companies out of the 5,800 companies evaluated were selected for the A list in all three categories.

Kao has previously received A-ratings on this list in climate change and water security. Their work in safeguarding forests led to their first A rating in this category, which resulted in this phenomenal triple-A score.

“It is a great honour to be awarded a triple A score in CDP’s rankings. Kao is committed to purpose-driven innovation by integrating ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance – into the core of the company’s management. This recognition will encourage us even more to pursue a purposeful business and to help people live a more sustainable, Kirei lifestyle – a beautiful life inside and out,” explains Dave Muenz, executive in charge of ESG at Kao Corporation.

The positive evaluation that led to inclusion in the A lists was based on the following points:

• Kao’s setting of CO2 reduction targets, it’s ‘eco together’ activities with other stakeholders, and its proactive disclosure of climate change related risks and opportunities.

• Kao’s public commitment to supporting reduction of forest destruction to zero through two sets of procurement guidelines – Sustainable Palm Oil and Sustainable Paper and Pulp. These take ethical issues into account.

• Kao’s positioning of water conservation as a key action item in its global strategy, its efforts to reduce water usage in production, and provide water saving products, and its collaboration with other stakeholders.

Kao will continue to strive for even greater progress in all these categories, manufacturing and distributing their high quality products in a way that protects the planet and contributes to the sustainability of society.

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