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Dyson Supersonic Professional: Invest In Your Health, Clients and Career

The state-of-the-art Dyson Supersonic Professional v2 is the most technologically advanced hairdrying tool, which has taken the international market by storm. Investing in this dryer means that you are investing in your hairdressing career. • Its space-age looks create excitement and a talking point in salon. • Its super-powerful motor allows for faster drying time. • It is incredibly light, balanced and ergonomic for better posture and health. • It is a joy to use with the clip-on, clip-off magnetic attachments. • It will never overheat or damage hair so you are investing in your clients’ hair health. Clients are fascinated and excited by what is new and as someone who is promoting new looks and new ideas, you need to walk the talk by using new, exciting, cutting-edge technology yourself! The quietness of the dryer is a huge selling point. It creates a much more tranquil environment, allowing for conversation while drying. It will change the ambience of your salon to a more tranquil and relaxing vibe.

This dryer is among the lightest on the market and the only one with the super-powerful motor in the handle. This makes it extremely well balanced and ergonomic. It allows you to keep a much better, much more correct posture when drying and troublesome repetitive stress injuries will improve or disappear. This gives you longevity and health in your career.

The instant clip on-clip off magnetic attachments are designed especially for every professional’s needs, and in the v2 dryer they are even stronger. Intelligent heat control ensures that your hairdryer’s temperature is regulated 20 times per second so it will never overheat or cause damage. This guarantees a super-shiny and healthy result, even when close up precision styling. Standard Accessories Now Include: • Professional concentrator • Smoothing nozzle • Diffuser • Non slip heat mat • Spare filter cage • Filter cleaning brush • Storage hanger

Want to know more? Watch the video below.

Order your Dyson Supersonic Professional v2 today and receive a special stylist price on this amazing investment! To order your dryer or enquire about the special hairstylist price, call Customer Helpline: 087 807 9353 or email:


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