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Creating Transactional Value in a Salon by Slick Salon Solutions

When we talk about transactional value in a salon, we’re talking about the mechanisms of taking advantage of the uninterrupted time that you have with your client in your chair. Stylists need to look at their businesses and reassess how they are engaging with their clients to showcase their full individual offerings. You need to create value within your space & the simplest way to create this is through your work. We want to show you and Introduce to you the POWERFUL way of x 5 your Turnover.

Value creation in the future of Hairdressing will be based around Creativity, Exposing yourself to other Markets: creating uniqueness and the high value of bringing a new product or service improvement to market; the ability to find a solution to a challenging customer problem; or, the way a new product or service is sold and delivered. Change is inevitable, we want to make your Business Sustainable.

Gone are the days of having a cup of coffee and a chat with a client (although there is a place and time for this too). Most clients are looking to get the best possible service or solutions to their concerns with very specific guidelines and measures in place. This is where the opportunity appears, by looking deeply into those concerns of your clients and adapting them to the benefit of your own business, with the goal in place to increase your docket by acquiring sales that have traditionally been associated with an alternative location.

Transactional Value that doesn’t cannibalize on your existing business but adds value as Brand New Growth in Turnover.

The best example of this is the acquisition of collagen brands within the professional sphere.

Collagen is the “IT” health care product that has been dominating sales in pharmacies as well as online. This is a product directly linked to the Haircare & Beauty Industry and provides an add-on product that grows a docket rather than replacing an alternative on it. Most clients are purchasing their collagen through an alternative channel and this allows you to take this portion of spend and increase your profitability and income. Collagen makes up more than 62% of the DERMIS LAYER of Hair and we haven’t in our INDUSTRY used this yet to gain additional value and Health Benefit for our Customers.

So we are introducing you to our new Department within SLICK SALON SOLUTIONS - Lifestyle and Wellness . It’s the story about Health, making sure your customers are around for longer with us, and their hair gets to look even more fantastic, because of you. Thus, creating VALUE in your life and your Customer Base.

We need to be constantly Restructuring / Rethinking /RE-inventing / RE-organizing to ensure that we are consistent with change ensuring additional transactional value with our client base.

Contact 0861 1 SLICK (0861 1 75425) to discuss how we can CREATE VALUE in your business for your clients as well as for yourselves.

Watch out for our video or next article with owners of LIFESTYLE AND WELLNESS IN PROFESSIONAL SPACE.


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