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Colorsense: A Revolution in Colour – Coming Soon in March

Colorsense Color Gloss Oil is a new concept of permanent colour.

Available soon in March, just days away! Colorsense’s Color Gloss Oil is a revolutionary brand-new colour gloss oil based on the innovative development of truly permanent colour!

With a natural philosophy of the healthiest colour possible, Colorsense has drawn from the best in scientific research to create a permanent colour gloss oil with the special nourishing properties of nature. Scientifically developed for the South African climate, Colorsense Color Gloss Oil protects your hair from the inside in its radical new hybrid formulation.

It’s vegan and ammonia free for the healthiest service and colour results your clients need!

Colorsense Color Gloss Oil is a hybrid oil and can be used for many services:

• Tone and Shine

• Semi Permanent

• Demi Permanent

• Permanent

Look for it soon in March!

Contact Twincare International

Tel: 011 305 1600


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