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Boity’s Personal Hair Journey

“Your hair is your crown and whatever you choose to do with it should never make people feel like they have a right to make a judgement about who you are and what you’re capable of.”

Boity describes her hair journey as a rollercoaster ride. She went from never wearing weaves or wigs, to eventually having to when she got into the entertainment industry. But as time went on, she ultimately realised that she needed to seriously care for her natural hair.

Her biggest hair struggle – so to speak – was her hairline and the pressure of having ‘laid edges’. “Sometimes you fall into those pressures and start feeling like you can’t show your hair because it’s not up to the standard of what the world says it should be. For me, it’s always been the hairline because that’s the one thing that people used to comment on. ” Boity’s experiences taught her not to judge people according to their hair choices and not be phased by the judgement passed on to her. "All those weird things about something as natural as hair are unnecessary and one’s personhood should never be deduced simply for their choice in hair,” she says passionately.

A Product She Truly Believes In

Boity Haircare is a premium range of haircare products specifically formulated for African hair.

She wanted to make sure that most issues black women experience with hair products would be solved with this range. Making sure that after using a product, that the shampoo doesn’t strip 4C hair of its moisture but that it seeps into the scalp and leaves hair feeling soft and manageable even before using conditioner. “This particular journey was as personal as personal can be – I wanted to make sure that these were products that catered to my kind of hair’s specific needs.”

All products are paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free, eco-friendly and proudly South African

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