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Bionic - The Locally Produced Hair Regrowth Solution your Clients will Rave About!

Professionally produced hair regrowth system for professionals and their clients.

Are you as a stylist or salon owner interested in stocking the hair regrowth solution that so many stylists and their clients are seeing such fantastic results with? In the recent Hairnews Awards, this product won a special trophy for the most popular hair loss solution voted for by clients and stylists. We invite you to share this fabulous new treatment system in your salon with your clients!

The Bionic Hair Loss Treatment System has been specifically formulated to deal with the problems related to fine or thinning hair. When using the system consistently, our regular salon and stylist retailers’ clients have been seeing faster, stronger hair growth.

All Natural Botanical Ingredients

Using cold pressed Aloe Vera as the carrier for all the botanical ingredients, we have created a unique product range that penetrates the scalp and the hair, delivering much-needed nutrients in the process. The results are AMAZING! Both condition and growth rate are transformed.

no waxes, polymers, or heavy proteins that coat the hair, only masking its true condition.

How does the Bionic System Work?

The first stage in understanding hair loss and fine hair problems is to understand how hair grows.

We now know the answer as to how and why we have hair loss. Anti-Hair loss products such as our Treatment help combat thinning hair and assist in remedying the major causes of hair loss, such as DHT buildup and poor circulation to the hair’s root. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) adversely affects the blood supply to the hair’s root.

While normal shampoos are unable to remove DHT effectively, the combination of Bionic products work together to meticulous cleanse the hair and the scalp of DHT laden sebum and styling product residue, while vasodilating the scalp down to the 5th layer of the dermis to promote healthy hair growth through renewed circulation to the hair’s root (follicle and Papilla) of hair and the scalp tissue where we are mainly concerned with for hair loss.

Just one of our Salons’ Client Testimonials:


The more we can protect and extend the growing phase, the longer your hair will grow. The cleansing and protective features of the Bionic system have been specifically formulated at combating different types of hair loss in men and women, and help your clients experience faster, stronger hair growth.

Bionic Revitalising cleanser is a "must have" product in the Bionic Hair Loss range. An all-natural, aloe vera based shampoo for every hair type, with no colouring or fragrance to compromise the superb botanical formulation. Revitalising cleanser is a deep, detoxifying shampoo, which leaves the scalp invigorated and greatly increases blood flow to the hairs root, boosting hair growth from the first use.

Bionic Hair Loss Moisture Shampoo is an all-natural, aloe-based shampoo. It is deeply detoxifying and leaves the scalp in its natural acidic state. It is specially formulated for weak, dry, damaged, chemically treated and thinning hair, and contains aloe vera and wheat proteins, which give hair elasticity and flexibility.

Bionic Hair Loss Medi-Cleanse Shampoo is an all-natural, aloe-based shampoo that thoroughly cleanses the scalp, removes sebum build-up and unclogs dormant hair follicles. It is a pH-balanced cleanser containing the highest concentration of aloe and silk amino acids of all the Bionic Hair Loss formulas to provide a deep, detoxifying cleanse with maximum protection for sensitive scalps. Recommended for those with oily, scaly and otherwise unhealthy scalps.

Bionic Hair Loss Herbal-Ice Conditioner contains high concentrations of aloe vera and fatty acids, which are essential for healthy looking and feeling hair. It provides deep conditioning and restructuring of the hair with no surface build-up. Free of waxes and polymers, Bionic Herbal-Ice will not hinder hair growth by clogging the hair follicle but will be instantly absorb into the scalp. Menthol and peppermint oil soothes, cools, refreshes and mildly stimulates the scalp. Small amounts mixed with a few drops of water can also tame frizzy, flyaway hair.

Scalp Nutrient Treatment is an all-natural aloe-based leave-in scalp treatment for a healthy scalp and hair, appropriate for all hair types. It’s a “one-a-day” vitamin supplement to feed, energise, stimulate, and promote hair growth. Nutrient treatment is a 5 second way to massively increase the blood flow to the root of the hair. The equivalent of a ½ hour head massage in 5 seconds, to be used morning and night, this intensive treatment will give a 90-day boost to your hair’s growth. For maximum benefit use with Bionic Revitalising cleanser. This versatile product can also be used with other systems.

Bionic Intense Booster is a concentrated, all-natural power packed treatment for areas of more advanced hair loss like hair loss on the temples or hair loss on the crown. Effectively targeting these areas with essentials for hair growth. Should be used with Revitalising cleanser or can be used in conjunction with other systems. A “super-charged fertilizer” to feed, energize, stimulate, and promote hair growth in areas of more advanced thinning. Especially good for the crown and temples area use as often as required, our special formula dries completely and is never greasy or oily.

Add to your Retail Stock for a Brilliant Solution to your Clients’ Hair Needs

For gradual hair loss, slow progressing male pattern hair loss, hormone imbalances, pregnancy related hair problems, menopausal, and in some cases chemotherapy, Bionic Hair Loss can provide a solution for your clients.

To become the next stockist of this amazingly popular brand, contact us at

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