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Beat the January Blues by Signing Up for an Onboard Spa Contract

It’s a new year and perhaps you are feeling ready for a change that will reinvent your life and superpower your career into adventure and excellence!

Completing a cruise ship contract offers you the following amazing benefits:

  • You travel to exotic destinations, visiting the most sought-after places where tourists love to go.

  • -You work with a new intake of clients every week, keen to spend money in the ship’s tax-free environment.

  • You work with top-end products and brands, in a luxury spa that usually has one of the best views on the ship.

  • You sharpen your abilities, provide additional services, and work to a top standard of service and skill.

  • You earn tax-free dollars while having all your food, accommodation and living expenses at no charge.

  • You get the chance to reinvent your life completely, making new friends and seeing new horizons.

  • You have doors opened for you all around the world as cruise ship experience is highly respected.

  • You will receive the best training and experience that will superpower you into your future career.

  • You will complete your contract with a substantial nestegg of savings.

A new year is always a good time to rethink your life and take the leap into making positive change that will enhance your earnings and your career!

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and a recruitment consultant will be in touch to set up a confidential interview.

How to apply:

Go to and fill in the online form. A recruitment consultant will be in touch with you asap to set up a confidential interview. Your first step to a new life of excitement on board has begun!

Sign up HERE and set yourself on a career path that will change your life!


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