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2023 Hairnews Industry Awards: Creative Category Winners Showcase

Each year, we at Hairnews have been honoured to feature all the artistry of our very own South African stylists. We were amazed at the number of entries we received this year and the calibre of work has been top notch! Thank you to each and every one who entered this year’s Hairnews Industry Awards.

Once again, congratulations to our winners and finalists in the Judged Categories! We are so proud and excited to showcase the exceptional work and share the techniques and recipes of the TOP THREE Winners in each category as chosen by our South African panel of judges.

Best Dramatic Makeover - Before & After

Judged by Ezra Isaacs of Ezra Coiffure & Vice-President of Intercoiffure SA, & Henry E Wakefield of Henry E Hair

Winner - Mia Crous - Erina’s Hair & Beauty

Instagram: @mia.crous

Model’s Name: Elsje


I have created a modern "Lady Diana and Twiggy " vibe that works well with my model's facial shape and age.

The Goldwell Elumen Play pastel shades softens face and creates movement in the hairstyle.

I've used Goldwell’s Silk Lift Strong 20Vol on the roots and Toned with Colorance 10P.

I enjoyed playing around the the Pastel Corel, Pastel Rose, Mint, Pastel Lavender and Metallic Silver.

The cut is mainly soft layers and can be styled up, out of the face and also towards the face.

I've softly blow dried the style into a soft glamorous style using Goldwell's Sleek Protection and ending it off with a Diamond Gloss Spray.

Silver Award - Cerése Bouwer - Cerése Hair Design

Model’s Name: Dorette


Creative Coloring created using Goldwell Elumen Play.

Pre lightened using Goldwell Light Dimensions Oxycur Platin.

Finished off with Goldwell Diamond Gloss and KMS Hairplay Dry Wax.

Bronze Award - Mia Crous - Erina’s Hair & Beauty

Instagram: @mia.crous

Model’s Name: Glee


Color used: Goldwell Topchic 3VV on the roots and Topchic 6VV with pink pure pigments on the ends.

I created a round natural shape by blunt cutting free hand. In 2023 the bigger the better and the pink/ magenta is very in and trendy.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Best Hand-Painted Color Technique

Judged by Bernadine Bennie of Beauty on First & Casey-Leigh Theron of Casey-Leigh Stylist Salon

Winner - Jeanine Bezuidenhout - Nudo Hair Lab

Model’s Name: Bianca


Bianca has been doing her hair with me for the past 7 years.

We used to only do normal highlights up until 2 years ago where we decided that we want a more low maintenance look and also something that is more trendy.

So I did my signature balayage on her and every 3 months we will do color maintenance on her.

I only use Schwarzkopf colour on her.

Silver Award - Thelma De Klerk - @hairbythelma - Collab Hair

Instagram: @hairbythelma

Model's Name: Catherine


My client loves “ginger” hair! Her tint Is a Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal 9-55 (gold extra) 7-57 (gold copper) with 9% as her natural base is about a 5 level & she loves a bright golden copper vibe.

I painted in some soft hues of a golden blonde to add that bit of dimension yet keeping it as soft and natural for that perfect melt/blend. I used my go-to BlondMe Clay Lightener with 9% developed for 20mins to just shift the tonal direction slightly away from what her tint colour was.

Bronze Award - Alexia Chrysafis - Fox and Davidson Hair Design

Instagram: @that_ladyfoxhair

Model’s Name: Maria


This hair was practically virgin (very old colour on the very ends) and she wanted to be lighter (especially around her face) but still low maintenance.

Here’s what I did:

• halo technique using Schwarzkopf blondme lightner +2% with rosè additive

• interior weave and tease technique using Schwarzkopf blondme lightner +6% with cool additive

• Glazed using 9,5-46 Demi with 1.9% 15mins and only toned money piece for the last 5mins to make it pop! Soft dimension and an easy grow- out.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Best Men’s Trendy Cut, Colour & Style

Judged by Eric Way Lovemore of Head Quarters Barbers and Beverages, UK, & Suzette Coetzee of Wahl Clippers SA

Winner - Kierann Bekker - KC’s Barbershop

Instagram: @kierann_bekker_

Models Name: Exavier


What I have done here with my model is I have done a 0 guard to 2 guard fade using the WAHL Cordless magic clip clipper and I have done pattern work using my WAHL cordless detailer to get the pattern work nice and short to make it stand out more.

The pattern I have done is a line that follows the shape of my model's head around the side to the start of his occipital bone at the back of his head which I then cut a heart shape in and then cut in a broken line down the middle of the heart shape to make it a broken heart. Then I shaved the one side of the heart, having one side of the heart shaved and the other side untouched.

For styling I used the “STMNT Matte Paste”.

Silver Award - Sasha-lee De Vries - Pasquale hairstylists

Model’s Name: Franco


Used my Wahl clipper fading from a zero to 3, cutting the top from the Back short to long.

Used Schwarzkopf Blondeme to lift the top area, reapplying after 20 minutes and after 50 minutes rinsing using Blondeme silver shampoo. Drying the hair off, I applied Blondeme toner steel, ice and lilac with 7 vol leaving for 25 minutes.

Rinsed using Blondeme rich conditioner.

Styled with Osis the paste.

Bronze Award - Leandi Beukes - Parlor Hair

Instagram: @hair.alchemy

Models Name: Andreas


I created this look by lifting a halo around the hairline with Goldwell Oxycur platin to about a level 8/9.

I then coloured the rest of the hair with Colorance 5BK.

I used Elumen Play in shades : @pink, @orange & @yellow. Blended the colors to create a seamless sunset effect.

Cut & Style:

I created this shaggy mullet cut using scissors and freehand razor technique leaving the hair longer at the nape and layered to the crown in order for the creative color to pop!

I used Top Whip mousse and diffused the hair in its natural curl.

I applied Twist Around curl spray and defined some curls in an alternating pattern with a small curling tong.

Then went in with some Dust Up to create volume and movement in the style and viola!

(As an added bonus, we decided to lift and colour his eyebrows as well‼)

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Best Red-Carpet Glamour Look

Judged by Anel Cloete of C Connoisseurs Studio & President of Intercoiffure SA, & Lizel Comfort of Zephyr Hair Design

Winner - Chrislene Marais - Fox and Davidson Hair Design


Model’s Name: Claudia


Sprayed my client's hair with the ghd straight on first, then smoothed her hair with my ghd max styler.

As my client has a lot of hair, I divided her hair in 3 parts, sectioning from ear to ear, nape, crown and front.

First I made a pony using the middle section on the crown, then connected the hair from the nape, and lastly added the hair from the front.

To smooth out the hair and make it look glossy around the hairline, I mixed hair oil and wax together from Schwartzkopf.

I also applied this to the pony as well, and twisted the hair into a bun.

To finish off I added some hair jewelry.

Finished off with some ghd hair spray perfect ending and ghd shiny ever after.

Silver Award - Betsy Giani-Pieterse - Tint Colorlab

Instagram: @tint_color_lab

Models Name: Stacey


With Stacey I used the Moisture me Rich shampoo and Conditioner from Matrix. Toweled dried the hair and used the Miracle Creator spray of Matrix to add moisture and heat protection.

On the root I used the Saltspray from ELEVEN and dried her hair completely.

I then sprayed Goldwell Smooth Mid-lengths and end and started with my Curling wand to create 1960s pin curl curl.

I let it cool down completely and then with a wide tooth comb brushed it out softly while I used Goldwell shine spray.

On the right side I made divisions and created with baby ties a diamond effect to add shine and texture to the complete look.

Using Bobbypins I created and impersonated a 1960 Glamlook.

Bronze Award – Shari Crowie – Blu Gel Hair Studio

Instagram: @blugelhair

Models Name: Lee

Description of my look:

Old Hollywood meets New Hollywood in the middle.

To get my look stared by washing my model's hair then I added some mousse (Goldwell top whip), dried her hair, and made sure to smoothen her roots,then started curling her hair all in one direction,using a curling iron and making sure to pin each curl as I went along.

Once I was done curling her hair, I sprayed in some light hold spray (playable texture by kms) and then began to start on her bun, whilst using Mellagoo from Goldwell to help keep it smooth and then moved onto the front, where I teased the hair a bit, allowing it to have slight volume, then started working on my fingerwave. Once I was happy with the result of my fingerwave, I then sprayed my model's hair with a finishing spray by Goldwell.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

We hope that by showcasing the incredible work of this year’s winners, we have inspired and motivated you to enter the 2024 Hairnews Awards Competition!


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