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Salon Products:  Opening Up a World of Online Sales to You and Your Clients

Every hairstylist knows the frustration of losing a sale!

Being out of stock of a product or not stocking a range your client uses, means losing out on income for your salon, and on the chance to help her with her hair.

Salon Products guarantees:

• You can recommend any professional product to your client out of the vast range on the site.

• Your client can shop online safely and conveniently and YOU BENEFIT from the sale!

• Purchases will arrive at your client’s door in one package even if she buys from different ranges. (free courier for purchases over R600).

Thanks to your unique salon link, the Salon Products website becomes your personal online shop. You can market this shop to your clientele and also to a wider audience, so you can profit from purchases that are made by shoppers in another city or province!

All this for the fee of just R99 per month. Once you are part of the Salon Products family you will receive ongoing sales and marketing support, and your 20% commission is paid to you monthly.

Sign up today and never have that frustrating “we don’t stock it” moment again!

To ask any questions, please contact us on 082 302 6009.

Visit our website HERE - remember that our web address is (not products)

Click HERE to find out about our recently launched Bulkshop, for professionals only, where you can buy custom quantities of the tints and backbar you need! No minimum orders required and your products will be safely delivered to your door!

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