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Why Switch to L’Oréal Professionnel?

Who are we?

We are the professional pioneer from Paris. PROS ARE OUR REASON WHY. We exist to be at their service. OUR MISSION: VALORIZE and REVEAL PRO TALENT, with SAFE AND SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE. Beyond the client, WE SEE THE WOMAN. TOGETHER, we achieve the physical and EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION of all women, boosting their SELF-CONFIDENCE and PRIDE. Together, we create the HAIR CULTURE.

Why make the switch?

Discover our Color Portfolio

Our Signature Serveries

French Balayage

No need to be French to Balayage the French way. PERFECTLY BLENDED, ULTRA GLOSSY, NO BRASSINESS.

How does it work?

A unique professional service in 2 STEPS:

Step 1: Lighten with the new BLOND STUDIO BONDER INSIDE to create dimension.

Step 2: Neutralize with DIA LIGHT acidic gloss to remove brassiness add dimension and bring shine.

French Color

The antidote to overload color that betrays you. IMPECCABLE COVERAGE,WEIGHTLESS LENGTHS.

A unique professional service

Majirel & Dia Light for coverage and infinite creativity, even on the most resistant greys.

Inoa & Dia Light for the most indulgent service. 100% ammonia-free for the most sensitive hair.

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Article from Chanel Pond, L’Oréal Professional Products Division


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