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Punked Neon: The Most Versatile Products for Summer Brightness!

Are you looking for a product range that offers affordability combined with awesome versatility, and which brightens up your clients’ hair to any creative shade they can dream of?

The famous Punked Neon range is adored by hairstylists and clients countrywide.

Why do they love this affordable, powerful and unique range so much?

The colours can be lifted out super-easily allowing for a changing look.

Each colour has its own shampoo, conditioner and mask which gives you awesome retail opportunities and keeps the colour vibrant with minimal fading.

Colours are intermixable so you can create a signature tone for your client.

The super-popular Punked Neon website has a salon finder! So as soon as you order your product, you’ll be added to the website so clients in your area can find you and get Punked!

Order your brilliant shades today, and get your clients looking bright and trendy this summer!

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