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Styles: Soignée by Paula Hibbard, Australia

Paula Hibbard’s vibrant, left-of-field collection Soignée was born out of a passionate desire to bring back the 80s – but updated with a distinctly millennial and avant-garde edge.

“Taking inspiration from this glamorous decade, it was my desire to create a collection reminiscent of both the ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Blade Runner’ eras of the 80s,” says long-hair fairy godmother, Paula.

Combining colour, glitz, and glamour with a touch of gender fluidity and new-wave punk aesthetic, ‘Soignée’ pushes both stylistic and creative boundaries.

In Paula’s neo-80’s collection, hair is used as a fabric to sculpt architectural and textural shapes, interlaced with dynamic and vividly chromatic colour placement.

Simultaneously luxe, contemporary, and bold, Paula has rebooted the very definition of ‘Soignée’ to the present day with her elegant and electrifying collection.

HAIR: Paula Hibbard


MAKEUP: Rachael Montgomery

STYLIST: Josie McManus

ASSISTANT CUTTER: Michael Belcastro


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