Swish Biodegradable Products to Protect You, Your Clients and The Environment

July 30, 2020


Protective equipment and strict hygiene protocols are non-negotiables in our salons. However, many of the plastic products associated with COVID-19 regulations are dumped in oceans and landfills. Therefore, negatively impacting recycling and sustainability efforts.


Salons have no choice but to comply with hygiene practices that include using disposable aprons, masks and capes or washing items after every use. Yet, washing items also pose a problem because it spikes our water and electricity consumption. Thus, it still negatively impacts the environment.


The choice between buying disposable or reusable products for your salon becomes a difficult one and poses a moral dilemma. Do I purchase plastic products and knowingly contribute to a growing waste problem? Do I buy reusable and wash after every use and add to increased water and electricity usage? 


You can’t choose to ignore regulations in order to cut down on waste or consumption. You can, however, buy products that minimise the environmental impact; products that are recyclable, biodegradable - or both. 


The Swish protective products sold on our online shop or via a Modern Hair & Beauty rep are both recyclable and biodegradable with the stick-on mask as the exception. 

The products contain an ingredient called d2w that breaks down the plastic when exposed to oxygen.


So, if the products are not recycled, they won’t fill up landfills or pollute oceans.


Swish products you can purchase


Swish Apron

The Swish Biodegradable Disposable Apron is made from clear plastic and is for one-off use. It is biodegradable because of an ingredient called d2w. 


The additive, which contains a mixture of salts, is added to the raw plastic during the manufacturing process. When oxygen is present, this additive will degrade and biodegrade the plastic if it escapes into the open environment or general waste.


Tie closure at the back. One size fits all.



Swish Cape 

The Swish Biodegradable Disposable Cape is made from clear plastic and is for one-off use. It is biodegradable because of an ingredient called d2w. 


The additive, which contains a mixture of salts, is added to the raw plastic during the manufacturing process. When oxygen is present, this additive will degrade and biodegrade the plastic if it escapes into the open environment or general waste.


The cape closure is a double-sided tape on the back seam. One size fits all.



Swish Biodegradable Towel

The Swish Disposable Biodegradable Towels are 40cm(w) X 84cm(h) in size and are produced from 55gsm Airlaid.


Airlaid is a biodegradable substance due to the paper component and the fact that it doesn’t contain polypropylene or polyester, which is not biodegradable as they often contain PP or PET.


Airlaid is produced from 76% fluff pulp which is 100% biodegradable, ±20% Bi-component fibres for tensile strength and ± 4% EVA binder- Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.


Due to the high fluff pulp content, the product will break down reasonably quickly, followed by the binder and then leave the Bi-component fibres which will take slightly longer to break down completely.


Overall, it will take 28 days for the towel to break down completely.



Swish Stick-On Mask                             

The Swish Disposable Stick-On Face Mask is a non-biodegradable mask that covers the nose and mouth without any elastic or rope ties around the head or ears. The mask has a sticky adhesive (gentle to the skin) on the inside, which sticks to the top part of the nose, the cheeks and under the chin. It is best used in hair salons or barbershops as there are no obstructions around the ears or the head.


The mask is made from PP SPUNBOND, which is a certified 70gsm/hydrophobic material – meaning it repels fluid. 


Reasons to choose Swish products

  • Clients are not exposed to one another as they are not sharing the same cape and have a mask to cover their nose and mouth

  • Reduce water and electricity costs. Swish disposable products don’t have to be washed. 

  • The cape, apron and towel are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Should they end up in landfill, they disintegrate 


About Swish

 Swish is a quality, yet affordable brand developed in South Africa. The easy-to-use range is suitable for all hair types and comprises bulk shampoos and conditioners and colour wipes for in-salon use, as well as a Swish Moulding Glaze, which is a popular retail styling aid that has been in demand since the early 2000s.


Recently, Swish has also made available hygiene products, for use in salons and at home, which comprise of hand sanitisers, surface sanitisers and face masks. These products are available to both salons and clients.


For pricing, more detailed product information, and to place your order, please contact your Sales Rep, or call / email us: details for your local branch or agent are on our contact page.


Alternatively place your order online through our online shop HERE.


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