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CFS Healthscan: Safe, Efficient Online Screening System for Staff and Clients

Is Your Salon Compliant? CFS Healthscan offers two efficient and cost-effective alternatives for individual salons or multi-chains, to allow screening of staff and clients using digital devices.

Either this can be done on-site on a phone or tablet via a QR code, or else the client receives an email link confirming their booking and they do their own screening, with the temperature added when they enter the salon. (This saves time.)

For individual salons, setup is quick and easy and the online reporting dashboard is available at the touch of a button.

For larger chain groups this is an invaluable service as head office can be assured that each salon is complying fully with the correct screening process. If employees/ customers do not pass the health screen, they will not be allowed to access the salon and the person responsible will be notified. Watch the video to see how this quick, easy and professional service works!

CFS Healthscan Individual Salon Pricing Unlimited amount customers 10 x Employees 1 x administrators 1 x screening tools Data Hosting Monthly Software License fee Online Reporting Dashboard support and Maintenance Immediate alerts sent via email on complaints R500 per month exc VAT

For more info please click HERE to view PDF.

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