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Cruise Ship Update: Interview with Nadine Brits, Part 1

While cruise ships are anchored due to Covid-19, the industry is hard at work preparing for reopening as soon as it may safely occur. Recruitment manager Nadine Brits gives an update on the situation in part 1 of a two-part interview. Look out for part 2 in the next couple of weeks.

Q: The first question everyone wants to know – is there a timeframe for cruise ships starting to sail again

A: Well this is a question I also get a lot via email and social media, and I usually want to respond by saying: if the Covid19 virus could give us a date when it would retire, then I would be able to answer this question much easier! It is a very difficult question, as the answer changes for us on a daily basis too. Cruise ships have been banned till October in the US (This news we received last Friday only). Some ports in Europe are allowing cruise ships, but this is very limited. I can only advise on what we hope for, and we are hoping for November 2020. But that might be very optimistic. Cruising will however be back with a bang once we have the all clear, that we do know.

Q: What changes can hairstylists look forward to when cruise ships are back in business, to ensure safety for all?

A: Cruise ships have always maintained high hygiene standards. Sanitization stations have been part of each cruise ship for more than 15 years. They are usually found at each entrance to the ship, and before entering any place where food is served. Each crew member in all departments including each of our hairdressers are trained to sanitize their hands and that of their client’s, prior to any service. This has been happening pre-covid, and post Covid-19 these measures will of course be kept in place, with extra measures taken as well. I presume that testing for the virus at the seaman’s medical stage of the application will become part of the protocol now moving forward, as well as prior to joining a cruise ship. There might even be requirements for quarantine time prior to joining a ship as a crew member or as a guest. Masks would possibly also be part of the protocol at the start of things. Only the highest of measures will need to be practiced, to ensure good business and for ships to stay in business. These are all of course subject to change.

Q: Please tell us how you are doing your interviews in the meantime and what people can expect in an interview?

A: We are currently conducting zoom/skype interviews, and specifically for hairdressers they will need to submit a video of themselves completing certain services, to be sent to the recruitment manager to view, and to note level of practical skill. More information is provided to each candidate at application level. As always you can apply online at www.londonwellnessacademy.com

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